Zio And The Magic Scrolls Tier List (October 2022)

You can find the best heroes in Zio And The Magic Scrolls Tier List. ZIO And The Magic Scrolls game based on the theme of “Magic must be for humans”. This is an RPG game and Zio is the main character in the game. Zio has lost his all strength and power while fighting against Ramstein, Who is a black magician.

But Zio has some special power left. If you want to know in detail about ZIO and his all character in the game then you are in the perfect place. Here, we are going to share Zio and the magic scrolls heroes Tier List.

ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tier List 2022

Full Tier List of ZIO And The Magic Scrolls mention below:

S Tier List

Exavius (Fire Dragon)
Zio (Magic Scroll Merchant)
Petnak (Priest of Time and Vengeance)
Diogoram (Green Dragon)
Kueno (Pilgrim Serving Geistraja)
Michel (Elite Warlock)
Kenta (King of Centaur)
Gallistos (Black Dragon)
Won (Pilgrim Serving Walchebo)
Bono (Rulus’s Pilgrim)
Hrachas (Demon King)
White (God Sun)
Muzel (Angel of Rivarnedo)
Inca (The Black)
Fanzifei (Lone Survivor of the family)
Tumia (Pilgrim Serving Karmashi)
Marilyn (The Beige)
Tomie (The Orchid)
Mei (Anich Millionaire’s Fifth Child)
Narfume (Succubus Princess)
Sumima (The Late Bloomer Mage)
Morrison (The Orange)
Silvia (The Pink)
Tun (6th of the Shaos)
Charles (The Green)
Celsius & Fahrenheit (The Crimson)
Rudemila (Grand Master)

A Tier List

AJuan (The Yellow)
ACentaur Warrior (Red Sun)
AChoi Myeon Geol (Advanced Warlock)
AKhan (Young Brother)
ADelph (The Blue)
APilgrim (God’s Hammer)
AGanzo (Lycanthrope)
AZbella (Commander in Chief)
ACentaur Elite Archer (Piercing Wind)
ABrien (Angel)
ANyahu (Jolly Devil)
ARai (Big Brother)

B Tier List

BAerok Warrior (Following Commands)
BImp (Brat from the Devildom)
BPriest (Apprentice)
BWarlock (Maddened)
BMage (belonging to the Kingdom)
BFemale Angel (God of Balance’s Creature)
BAngel (God of Balance’s Limbs)
BUndead (wants to rest)
BSwordsman (Ordinary)
BTan Liming (Swordsman’s Executive)
BTorturer (Muscle)
BElf Archer (Third Branch)

We hope ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tier List will help you to choose a perfect character in the game. You can also explore more tier lists on the gbapps.

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