YoWhatsapp v9.5 Apk Download 2021 (Yowhatsapp updated)

Today, we are going to discuss the Modified version of Original Whatsapp and which is YoWhatsapp APK. The latest version of this application is very popular and helpful for digital communication with your friends and family members.

In this article, we will tell you all about the latest version of Yo Whatsapp that helps you to understand why should you download Yo Whatsapp and from where you can YoWhatsapp Download 2021 the latest version.

As we are using an original Whatsapp and some time we realize that there should have some more features on the official WhatsApp.

This thing keeping in the mind by the developer, and they have launched the modified version of original Whatsapp with some exciting feature that helps the user to enjoy digital communication.

YoWhatsapp Download 2021 (Yowhatsapp update)

File NameYo Whatsapp APK
File Size35.36 MB
Requirement4.0 Android
Updated On16/05/2021

This application is a 3rd party app like Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, and this application is not available on the play store but You can download all 3rd party app from the internet but before downloading this application you must read this article and be cautious when you are going to yowhatsapp 8.05 download from any Website.

What Are The Features Of Yo WhatsApp APK?

features of yo whatsapp

All features are very exciting and helpful for better conversation. Let’s understand the feature of Yo Whatsapp before downloading it on your android mobile phone.

Privacy With Single Tick, Double Tick And Blue Tick

The latest version 9.0 Of Yo Whatsapp APK gives a feature to hide single, double, and blue tick. If you want to read a message without turning the double tick in blue then this application is for you, it gives you a facility to hide any tick when you want.

App Lock

This application has an inbuilt app lock to protect your data from others. Now, you don’t need to worry about your data theft and you can also protect your personal chat also.

Don’t Need To Save Contact Number

In original Whatsapp, if you want to send a message to someone else and wants to
add in a group you need to save the contact number of that user.

But now you don’t need to add a number to send a message because this application gives a feature to send messages directly.

This function is best when you have to send a message for a once and it also helps to don’t full your contact list by adding unnecessary contact number in your phone book.

Unique Customization

Yo Whatsapp has a unique customization feature to select the color of the icon, chats, layout, and also you can select the color of the font as per your choice. This feature helps to make a personalized user interface application.

Add Additional Emoji

As we all know we have limited emoji options in the original application but in this app, you can use many types of different emoji and emoticons of a different platform that makes your conversation unique and interesting. Now, I will not be bored by the limited emoji if you are going to download Yo Whatsapp.

Send Lengthy Files Easily

You can not send lengthy files via original WhatsApp but Yo Whatsapp gives you a feature to send any media with a length of up to 700 MB without any restrictions.

Communicate In Multiple Language

Yo Whatsapp APK is a very interesting and amazing application for chatting in any language. This feature is not available in official WhatsApp and this feature should have in the original one.

With the help of this application, you can chat in more than 100 languages globally now you don’t need to translate the languages for chatting with others.

In the latest version of Yo Whatsapp 2021 a new language also added and which is the Azerbaijani language. This feature is really very helpful for all users for better and effective conversation.

Call Block Option

If you want that a particular person doesn’t call you again and again on original Whatsapp then you have one option and that is block the contact now, that person is not able to call you as well a message you.

But Yo Whatsapp APK gives you a facility to block a call but can chat with the person. This is a nice function of this app to maintain your privacy and freedom.

Variety Of Themes

You can select a very lovely and eye-appealing new design theme from the library which includes thousands of layouts of different color themes. Yo Whatsapp also gives you a feature the convert this theme into a Zip file and you can transfer to another device without any hassle.

Change Font

Here, you can use any color for font and also change the name of any person or group name in your desire color.

Now, You Are Not Online

If you always worry that someone will see me online so now This application gives a feature to hide your online status. This function gives you more privacy and freedom to communicate without any hurdle.

HD Images

Now, you can send HD images without compressing images. If we talk about this feature in the original app then the image is compressed automatically when you send HD images. Some time the low-quality images frustrate us.

Set Your Name

With the help of Yo Whatsapp APK, you can set your name on the app screen.

This application also gives the feature to pin chats very easily. You can pin more than 1000 chats in this application.

Lock And Hide The Chats

If you want more privacy and want to hide your chat by locking it then here is a solution download Yo Whatsapp APK and set a password or finer lock to hide your personal chat very easily.

Longer Words In Status

Free to write longer status now, because this APK is giving an interesting feature to write your creative status up to 250 words easily.

App Icon And Zoom PP

Here, you can easily change the app icon according to your desire choice, and apart from this feature, you can zoom the profile pictures of others easily.

YoWhatsapp Download 2021 (Yowhatsapp update)

YoWhatsapp Download 2021 and get some extra features as compared to the previous yo WhatsApp 8.16 version. You can get the feature to Yowhatsapp update within the app. This feature will help you to save your mobile data to download full application.

Things You Need When You Are Going To Install The Yo WhatsApp APK

When you are going to install Yo Whatsapp then you must know these things to install the app very fast and easily.

  1. This application is for the android phone so the first thing is that you must have an android phone with some free space.

2. Before, Installing the app you must uninstall the original Whatsapp.

3. Without the internet, you can not download the Yo Whatsapp application so please make sure you have a good internet connection when you are downloading the Yo Whatsapp the latest version.

Simple Steps To Install Yo Whatsapp APK

Follow these simple steps to install Latest Version of this application

Step:1 Search on google a query of Yo Whatsapp Download.

Step:2 Visit the 3rd party site shown by google.

Step:3 DoWnload the setup of Yo Whatsapp from the website.

Step:4 Installation in your android mobile and uninstall your original WhatsApp but before uninstall the original Whatsapp you need to back up all your data.

Step:5 When you complete the installation process then recover your data and use the latest feature.

Conclusion: As we all know Whatsapp is very necessary for us to a digital conversation with our friends and family. Yo Whatsapp gives you a platform to make your conversation effective and better but according to the official WhatsApp team, this application is not legal.

We advise you to think before using this app and understand the pros and cons of Yo Whatsapp or any other 3rd party application. 

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