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Are you searching for the No.1 World Noob Game? Like which is the World No. 1 Noob Game you have reached to the best place as below we have mentioned all the no. 1 world noob game name. There are many players who think Shadow Fight 2 or Free Fire are the best noob games but here we will clear all your doubts and for that, you just have to be us a few more minutes.

World No.1 Noob Game

Gaming on phone has likewise gotten terribly serious – particularly multiplayer gaming where you’re either an expert player or a noob player. Also, in the event that you’re simply beginning with gaming, individuals would regularly allude to you as a noob or novice player.

In the event that you would prefer not to get into the serious space and fall into the contentions of noob versus genius players and simply need to make some great memories, We have a rundown of some truly simple games that you can get your hands on, which incorporate a huge load of fun.

Find the best World No.1 Noob Game which is easy to play. Most of us like to play Noob Game and we think the game we play must be the World No.1 Noob Game. Check out the World No.1 Noob Games below. 

  • Abduction
  • Action Potato
  • Angry Birds
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Temple Run
  • Surf Attack 

Abduction- By tilting your screen you need to make your cow bounce up the ledges. You tilt your smartphone right to jump right, while tilting it left to jump left. Once you successfully reach the top and jump into the UFO, each round will be completed, and you will need to perform more jumps in the next levels.

Action Potato- Action Potato doesn’t require any thorough strategy and tutorials. It is even easier than Abduction! Because you aren’t going to have to face new difficulty levels. You will need to catch the potatoes, but avoid them being rotted. A rotten tomato takes a pot away from you, so try your best to catch a heart and the pot returns.

Angry Birds- Angry Birds had seized the world by storm in leaps and bounds since the early days of the mobile game era. Thanks to the intriguing characters, gameplay, and graphics, the game became an iconic symbol worldwide. Hidden behind walls and crates are the pigs and your mission is to use a slingshot and shoot the birds at them.

Doodle Jump- Doodle Jump is a ceaseless game that has been on Android and iOS phones since almost 10 years. You will probably go seize higher stages with each tap. The game offers cool catalysts to drive you further yet be cautious as they can likewise destabilize you and put you off your streak.

Temple Run- Another exemplary endless Android game that hasn’t lost its appeal is Temple Run. This game really tests your responsiveness and reflexes while you run for your existence with three murderous gorillas pursuing you.

Subway Surfer- On the off chance that you preferred Temple Run, you will adore Subway Surfer. The fundamental mechanics of the game are like Temple Run however with one key contrast – it doesn’t move the character utilizing an accelerometer or gyro sensor. This implies you can appreciate this game while you’re lying on your bed.

What Are The Top World Noob Game

The best No 1 Noob Game in the World is listed for you to enjoy the game and share this information with your friends. As online video games came into India, many of us are addicted to it. Come let’s see the list of No 1 Noob Game in the Worldfrom the list given below.

Shadow of death 2 – It is an action game; you can play this game. It can get you engaged over time. Lots of features you can get. Here 4 different characters with unique styles of battle are available.

Bounce classic – This game is now available for smartphones on Android. It is very user friendly. But, it may take the bounce ball longer to complete your level, and the game has 11 basic levels. It’s very addictive playing game.

Angry birds transformers – Angry transformer game for birds is an arcade game, this is great. You can purchase a robot and customise it as you wish. In this game, eggs park transforms the eggs into the insane robots that destroy the piggy island, and only the auto bids, roll out.

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