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WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version v8.50 | (Anti – Ban 2020)

Last updated on October 24th, 2020 at 07:11 am

Do You Want To Download WhatsApp Plus Latest application and want to know the A-Z detail of WhatsApp Plus apk then read this in-depth article till the end. As of May 2020, more than 1.5 billion WhatsApp users in 180 countries making it the most popular messaging app globally that is owned by Facebook. 

But this article will tell you about WhatsApp Plus APK that is also known as sister app that has a wide range of features and functionalities. 

WhatsApp Plus APK is totally free so you can easily use this app without paying any hidden charges. With the help of this APK, you can use amazing features to impress your friends and family.

File NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Android Requires5.0+
Size52.3 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated3 days ago
DownloadCheck download button at below

WhatsApp Plus APK

This application was introduced in the year of 2012, similar to WhatsApp.


This APK is created by the developer and senior XDA member Rafalete by modifying the original WhatsApp App or we can say WhatsApp Plus APK is a replica of real Whatsapp but this app has some additional features.

The developer has changed the programming codes of the actual WhatsApp and made a new user interface.

 If you see the logo of these two apps then the logo of WhatsApp mod version differs from WhatsApp. This app has many features we will discuss later in the article so keep reading till the end. 

This app claims that end-to-end encryption is included just like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus APK is Legal or Not?

Plus Whatsapp
Plus Whatsapp

If we talk about the tag of legality on this application then this is really a serious question for every user.

First thing is that this application has been removed from the play store but now this app is still available on the internet to download. 

The WhatsApp team said that this application is illegal and not safe for user’s data but authorities are silent on these questions. 

The question for the legality of this application is unclear yet and that’s why this app comes under grey list application, that shows neither legal nor illegal.

How Can You Install Whatsapp Plus Step-by-step On Android Phone?

To install this app is quite easy without taking your extra time. You can follow these steps to install this app step by step in the simple and quickest way.

Let’s start to know how to install Whatsapp Plus apk on your mobile phone?

  1. As we discussed above, this application is not available on the play store so you can’t download from that platform. So now here is a solution: you can download this app from the internet by clicking on the download link. 
  1. After the download of WhatsApp Plus, if you wanna backup your existing WhatsApp on the new one then go to settings-Chats-Backup in your Whatsapp.
  1. Now you have to wait for some minute for a complete backup of your chats.
  1. Next step is that Install the Whatsapp from your phone by following these steps Settings-apps-Whatsapp-Uninstall.
  1. Install the downloaded Whatsapp mod APK on your android device that is you downloaded from the internet.
  1. when the installation process ends then enter your mobile number and verify it by simple enter the OTP code.
  1. Enter the name and get ready for the use of WhatsApp Plus apk with its many different features.

What Are The Features Of WhatsApp Plus APK?

download whatsapp plus

The whole user interface of WhatsApp Plus APK is similar to original WhatsApp and has total functionalities of Original WhatsApp. Now we are going to tell you the features that are new and important for you.

1.  WhatsApp Plus Themes 

Today, users always want to change something interesting in their mobile phone app etc.

Here WhatsApp Plus provides more than 700 themes which are amazing, unique, versatile and also good appealing to the user’s eye. 

This app user interface is fully customised. If you want to change the colour of text, buttons and the different graphics. 

Now, you are thinking that for the theme you have to download this theme separately but we want to tell you WhatsApp Plus apk download all the themes by itself and arrange according to the version, name and the date.

2. Emoticons 

Today we can express our feelings in a better way with the help of emoticons and also this emoticons helps to make our chat real and interesting. 

Original WhatsApp has emoticons but if we talk about this app then it contains more emoticons as compared to Original.

This application has added Google Hangouts emoticons for better and effective communications. 

But there is a drawback of this and that is if you are using Whatsapp Plus and send emoticons to those who have original Whatsapp then the receiver will not be able to see the sent emoticons.

Before sending emoticons you have to make sure that if I am sending the emoticons to someone so he should have this app.

3. Share Your File Up To 50 MB

Yes, you can share the file via WhatsApp Plus up to 50 MB, that is the advanced file sharing option.

If we talk about the original WhatsApp then you can send files up to 16 MB but this app allows you to share files more than 3x size. 

You can also modify the file from 2MB to 50MB in the app and that option is not available in the original application.

4. You Are Not Online- Hiding Options

If you want that someone should not see I am online, so this app will give it’s users a feature for hiding your online status from any individual or a group. This option is not available in original WhatsApp.

5. Auto-reply Is Available Here

This Auto-Reply feature is available in WhatsApp Business Accounts. It also gives this auto-reply feature to its users and with the help of this, you can set an auto-reply message to the people.

6. Clean Unnecessary Items

With the help of the cleaner option, the user can easily delete all unnecessary chats and media that you no longer want to keep in your app.

7. Hide Recording Status

This multi-feature app helps it’s users to hide their recording status from other people.

8. Wallpapers In WhatsApp Plus

This is also another splendid feature for user interference with unlimited wallpapers. All the users love to set an attractive and unique wallpaper on their chat screen and with the help of this user can easily set a unique and attractive wallpaper.

9. Keep The Record Of Your Activities

Whatsapp Plus APK has another unique and awesome feature of History and Logs that helps you to keep your activities record. This feature is very amazing and as well as beneficial for users in various ways.

10. Customise Fonts And Styles

It has a unique type of styles of fonts that can change in different colours, size, shapes of different category fonts and style. This feature is not available in original WhatsApp and that is also the main reason many people enjoy using this app.

11. Sharing In WhatsApp Plus APK

This application allows users to share HD quality images that are not supported in the original WhatsApp. Apart from this app allows their users to share videos longer than 30sec., up to 50 MB of video and also users can send 100MB of audio.

12. Online Notification

WhatsApp Plus gives you feature to get a notification when someone comes online. This option is very interesting in this application but not present in the original application. another phone instead of your personal phone.

What Are The Drawbacks Of WhatsApp Plus APK?

This application also has some drawbacks to use, let’s discuss the drawbacks for using WhatsApp Plus APK

Update Issue

The update is not available on a frequent and regular basis. Users need to wait for the month for the latest and new update.

Issue Of Legality

As we discussed above this is not on play store. But you can still download this app from the internet. There is always an issue of authenticity and legality of this application. There is not any official announcement that this app is legal or illegal. so before download WhatsApp plus and install in your device you must read all the pros and cons of the app.

Issue Of Security

As we know this app is a replica or modified version of this original application, that can leak your personal data and conversation to third parties which is a very serious issue.

So, while you are using this application you should be very cautious.

How to switch from WhatsApp To WhatsApp Plus APK

Now, you need to follow some steps:-

Step 1: First you need to backup all your data from your official or original WhatsApp. To do this you need other software and that is dr.fone. You should download this software on your PC.

Step 2: Now, you need to connect your mobile with your PC with the help of USB cable and open dr.fone software on your PC and choose an option for back-up. Now sit back on the chair and wait for completing backing up all your data.

Step 3: No, view all backup for confirmation in your PC and restore all backup to your new install WhatsApp Plus. Now you can view all your data on the installed app.

Difference Between GBWhatsApp And WhatsApp Plus

GBWhatsApp And WhatsApp Plus

Is Whatsapp Plus Is Available For iOS?

Yes, Whatsapp plus latest version 8.6.2 is available to download in iOS. Many users have requested at our quora account that’s why we are also including this.

So keep reading this we are going to tell you about how can you download and install Whatsapp Plus apk in your iPhone. Before this let’s take an overview of the app for iOS.

Overview Of Whatsapp Plus For iOS

  1. The total size of the apk file is around 114 MB.
  2. The application is free and you don’t need to pay for this.
  3. It is not available on Apple’s App Store.
  4. This application is fitted for all version of iOS.

Download And Install Whatsapp Plus In iOS

 whatsapp download for iOS users

You can easily download and install the app this application on your iPhone. But you can not install this app from the apple app store so here we are going to tell you about how can you install the app let’s start it.

Step1: First go to the trusted website on the web and download Whatsapp plus apk IPA file on your laptop or computer.

Step2: Similar download the Cydia impactor from the web.

Step3: Now, you have to connect your iOS device with your computer or laptop with the help of USB cable.

Step4: open downloaded Cydia impactor and insert the IPA file into downloaded Cydia impactor.

Step5: Now, Cydia impactor will ask for Apple ID and password. So, you can use the alternate ID for this procedure.

Step6: After the app installation is complete then you can go to setting option and simply select “General” and then select profiles.

Step7: So, now next task is you will have to find the profile with the help of ID.

Step8: Then simply press on the trust button.

Step:9 Your application is ready now enjoy the app in iPhone.

Note: we are not recommending you to download and install this application and this article is only for your information about the app.

We are recommending you that if you are going to download and install the application then must read the pros and cons of the app.

This funda is not for this app it is applicable for all app so before download and installs any app from any app store must read app’s terms and conditions.

Which Are Some Other Modified Version Of WhatsApp?

Whatsapp, Aero Whatsapp, OG Whatsapp, AZ Whatsapp etc. This all is a modified version of the original one with some extra feature.

All WhatsApp modified version is available to download on the internet but before download this version you must read it’s pros and cons.

Nowadays Whatsapp Plus apk and GB Whatsapp apk is very popular because of its feature. You can install the app in your android and iOS device because it’s both versions are available to download.

Advice From Our Side

If you are going to install WhatsApp Plus so, take advice that before install any application read there terms and condition. And if we talk about this application then this is not a trustworthy application.

The reason is that a recent report released by Malwarebytes labs has revealed that this application collects user data.

So, before installing this application you should aware of its pros and cons and we personally recommend you that use these types of application on another phone instead of your personal phone.


What is Whatsapp Plus Application?

It is a modified version of Whatsapp that gives more features as compare to the original one.

Should We use Mod Version?

You should not use a mod version of any app. But many people use these types of application and didn’t face any issue. You can use any mod version on your risk.

Is this application available for iPhone users?

yes, definitely you can install the app in iPhone also by following the process given above.

Can we create a group in Whatsapp plus latest version?

You can easily create a group in WhatsApp plus latest version and share the media also. You can add more contact in this latest version as compare to the original.

Is Whatsapp Plus and Plus Whatsapp is two different app?

No plus Whatsapp is another name of WhatsApp plus. Many people know about the app by a different name like WPA, whatsapp+plus, plus+whatsapp, WhatsApp plus 2020 etc.

How can I update my Whatsapp plus?

If you want to update Watsapp Plus than you have to again download the latest version of the app and install in your device. Now you can download its 2020 latest version and enjoy the app.

What is Blue Whatsapp? or Is It Similar To The App?

Actually Blue version of WhatsApp is also the modded version and not exactly same as this app.

Conclusion: WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the most popular versions of original WhatsApp used by millions of users.

As we discussed above this application has many more advanced features than the original WhatsApp, for instance, you can hide online status, access 700 themes and much more.

You can connect with the people with the help of this application globally. Before installing this app you must read the pros and cons of this app. And Whatsapp Plus and Plus Whatsapp are the same so, never confuse with the name.

If you have any queries related to WhatsApp Plus APK then you can ask below in comment section. Also, you can connect us with our Instagram account and get new updates of these types of application.

Whatsapp Plus Apk

Download Whatsapp Plus To Experience Great Communication

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Operating System: Android & IOs

Application Category: Messaging Application

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