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What is 4D Printing and How 4D Printing Technology Works

What is 4D Printing

Do read the whole article and you will the whole knowledge about what is 4D printing and how does it work?

Every next day we hear about something new invented, each day new startups are coming up with new and innovative products.

Large companies are also working on bringing something which can reduce the effort of humans in the work.


Today there are 100s of things around you which make your work very easy but before the invention of these products it seemed totally impossible but our smart and hard-working scientists made the things possible.

And in this article, I am also going to tell you about an impossible thing which you will use in your near or mid future.

What is 4D printing?

4D printing is the advanced form of 3D printing if you don’t know about 3D printing let me tell you a little and then we will move forward.


3D printing can transform the blueprints of the object into a real physical object by building multiple layers of the material.

The material used in this innovative product changed its shape post-production of the object, and anything like wind, water, heat, and any other form of energy can trigger the process of changing the shape.

What are the different techniques of 4D printing?

In the case of 4D printing, it is slightly different from 3D printing as in most of cases after the completion of the printing process ultraviolet lights are used to cure the formed material.


Let’s see the different techniques of 4D printing used by the companies.

Fiber Network

Different fiber networks with different sizes and different materials are used in the 4D printing systems.

You can design in both micro and macro scale 4D components. 


Digital Shape Memory Polymers

Under certain circumstances, these polymers have the ability to recover their original shape after they deformed their shapes for example heat, water and other sources of energy which we have discussed above.

Stress Relaxation technique

It is a process where the material assembly is formed under heavy stress which becomes stored within that material and later that material will be released which causes the change in the shape of the material.

Who is behind the invention of 4D Printing?

It’s not a single person who invented 4D printing, rather0 many experts and research facilities together have developed this awesome future technology which can solve many different problems.


But there are some great companies and research labs who have played a very important role in the discovery of 4D printing and those are 3D software company Autodesk, MIT’s self-assembly lab, and many other entities.

And we also can not ignore the research of Singaporean and Australian researchers who are doing great work in the field of 4D printing innovations.

Their most important research is about the different materials which can be used in 4D printing which brings the technology closer to the market.


What are the different applications of 4D printing?

Fashion Industry

4D printing has great potential and it can totally change the fashion industry & MIT’s labs are continuously conducting research on 4D printing applications.

It can change your clothing ideas and also forming shoes is a great option as it can change its shape accordingly to give you much more comfortable.

Unfavorable Conditions

Some of the huge projects where conditions are very unfavorable for 3D printing might be because of the cost and material there, 4D printing technology would be a great help.


And the best example for this is space as it is very tough to work on that conditions and at present 3D printers are taken in use but there are many different issues with 3D printers like Efficiency, cost, and energy.

So as they can reconstruct themselves they become very useful to use in many places where it is quite tough to reconstruct them.

Self repair water pipes

If we talk about the real-world application of 4D printers this one is a very important application of water pipe systems where pipes can self repair them and also they can adjust themselves according to the use as the water flow is high they can stretch themselves and do not break.


Furniture which can self assemble

4D printers have the ability to print the boards which can then turn into chairs by adding light and water into it.

Working of 4D printers

4D printing technology is not very different 3D printing even 4D printing technology uses the 3D printer for their process which can polyjet 3D printers.

But the difference between 3D printers and 4D printers is about the material which has great thermomechanical properties and also other material properties.


As materials can change their shape according to the need.

And the second most important property of these materials is that they can even reconstruct themself in somehow get destroyed.

4D printing do not has different working process from 3D printing, only thing that changes their is the material and not the concept.


Where you can buy a 4D printer for yourself

You have to wait a little to use this awesome technology as this technology is still in its developing phase.

It has already been used to make some products but that was testing or trials but if you want to buy one for yourself then you have to wait now.

But maybe you don’t have an idea and you are using a 4D printed technology like in some medical equipment built with the help of 4D printers.


But as 4D printers products can even change the shape it can also be quite dangerous for mankind so before making it public inventors must take proper precautions and it will be available in the market for public use.

So now you have quite good information about 4D printing and you know that this is a very awesome technology which can change many things and make them very easy for mankind.

But one question also arises here is what next? What’s after 4D but wait is the initial phase of 4D and we have a long way to go so it will be better than before thinking about the next phase.


Let’s keep our eyes on this and how they are working and will they change our world.

And if you have any questions regarding this awesome 4D printing technology you can ask us in the comment section and we will solve your question in the most simple way.


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