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Mob Games has delivered Valorant Codes or Valorant Pride Cards Codes to observe Pride month, and fans are anxious to know how they can get their hands on one of these extravagant cards.

In the event that you’re hoping to think about the delivery date of these Pride cards, or just need to figure out how to snatch yourself one, we have you covered.

There will be a few Pride cards made accessible in the strategic shooter. While one of them will be a rainbow banner to address the LGBTQI+ people group, there will likewise be more individual cards to address various sexualities.

Valorant Pride Cards

Forthcoming Pride cards will contain the accompanying shading blends:

  • Blue, pink and white
  • Purple, white, grey and black
  • Pink, yellow and blue
  • Pink, purple and blue
  • Red, orange, white, pink and purple
  • Yellow, white, purple and black

Also Get Valorant Redeem Codes

Valorant Codes

All the Valorant Codes are mention below. You can easily copy the working code and redeem them easily.

  • Prismatic
  • Cottoncandy
  • Primary
  • Galactic
  • Sunset
  • Twilight
  • Sherbet

How to redeem Valorant Pride Cards?

You can easily redeem the Valorant Pride Cards Codes by following the steps given below:-

  • Go and visit website.
  • Log In To Your Valorant Account
  • Use Redeem Code and Claim Your Free Cards easily.

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