Total Sms Control Apk V3.2 Free Download

“Total Sms Control Apk” allows its user to use features of the android phones while they are away from their phone. The phone can be controlled by sending a simple SMS to the phone. The phone on which the SMS Controller is installed responds to incoming SMS and performs operations based on the contents of the SMS.

NOTE: The first start may take time because of Google SDK integration.

Access is password protected. If the incoming SMS contains a valid password then only the appropriate operation will be performed.

* If you forgot your phone at home or office then you can forward all your calls to another number by use of SMS Controller.

* If you are in an emergency and want help by calling someone. Many times it happens that the called phone is silent mode. If that phone has an SMS Controller installed then it can be very useful. An EMERGENCY SMS can be sent to a phone that is on silent mode. In this case, the SMS Controller will play sound even in silent mode and will blink an LED flashlight. This will definitely get someone’s attention.

* If you have a habit of keeping your phone on silent mode all the time SMS Controller will be very helpful. For example Consider that you forgot to be on time at the exam, or important meeting, or a presentation. Your friend can call your phone noticing that you are not available, but it won’t be of any help since your phone is on silent. If SMS Controller is installed on your phone then your friend put your phone on ringer mode and then call you.

* Instead of worrying parents can know the location of the children.

* Location of the phone can be known in case it is miss placed or stolen.


Application NameTotal Sms Control Apk
Application Size2.3 MB
Required Android2.3.2+
Version 3.2
PriceFree of Cost
Total Sms Control Mod Apk No
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Features Of Total Sms Control Apk

-Know the current location of the phone. (Via a reply SMS).
-Set call forward / Cancel Call forward.
-Get pending Missed call and SMS notifications details.
-Get notified In case of Emergency by the ring to (even in silent mode) and blinking LED flashlight.
-Switch to Silent, Vibrate and Normal audio profile.
-Turn on / off mobile data connection.
-Turn on / off Wi-Fi.
-Supports SMS sent from Web SMS gateways like 160by2. (Some gateways like Way2sms adds a “-” and some advertisement at the end of SMS so the user must add a space after SMS)
-Allows password-protected access.
-Allows third party access by use of Guest account.

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