Top Android Free Game Apps

Android is the OS developed by Google which has most numbers of applications in their platform and also there are huge numbers of free gaming apps available in their platform.

But when you download the apps they ask you to pay money for specific actions but here we are mentioning a few top Android free game apps where you don’t have to pay a single penny and still you can enjoy the most part of the game.

1 – PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleGround)

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This is a famous android free game that has more than 100 million downloads in Google Playstore.

If you are a fan of action and adventure games you will definitely like this.

In this game, there are 100 characters deployed on an island in a team of four players, two players and also you can play it with a single player.

They had to kill each other and whoever survived until the end of the game won the game which they called chicken dinner.

It is available totally free in the play store but if you want to upgrade and want premium features of the game then you have to pay for that.

Graphics of the game are so awesome that it can make you addicted to the game.

Now PUBG has become a great game that performs its own tournament in which professional PUBG players come to fight against each other and the winner of the game gets huge prizes.

PUBG has also many other small games that they say help players to practice before playing the main events.

Also, there are many PUBG professionals you have grown their youtube channels to new heights and earning great from their channels.

2 – COC (Clash Of Clan)

Clash of Clans
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This one is a little slow but a very interesting one and it is also available totally free in the Google play store.

In the clash of Clans you have built your own castles and your competitors will attack your castle to steal the money you have collected or you have stolen from someone else.

It’s interesting but you cannot attack continuously because first you have to build your army and it takes time and once you have built your army then you can attack someone.

This is a great game as it doesn’t take much time of yours but very interesting.

The concept and graphics of the game are also very interesting that it can make you addicted to the game.

You can also set your army for the protection of your castle means if someone else is attacking your castle the army that you have deployed for the protection of your castle will fight with the enemies and kill them.

You have to find a castle on which you think you can attack and also can defeat them.

This one is also important as if you attack a castle who has great defense can defeat you easily and your army will again take a lot of time to revive.

Try this android free game and you can thank me later.

3 – Candy Crush Android Free Game

Candy Crush
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You must have heard about this game if not played, this is one of the most famous freemium android games.

In Candy Crush, one has to match the candies minimum and maximum of five candies by swapping the candies right, left, up, and down.

You can play the whole game for free but if you get stuck at some level that you are not able to cross you can take help by paying a little amount.

And that’s how Candy Crush actually earned their revenue and when the company was at its peak they were earning about $1 million.

And when they completed their 5th year they had about 2.7 billion downloads in the Google play store.

4 – Temple Run

Temple Run
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Imangi Studios has developed and published this awesome endless running game. This game has more than 500 million downloads in Google Play Store.

In the temple run, the character has to run as far as he can, and in his path, he can collect coins deployed in the path.

Many hurdles were there while running and the player had to surpass all the hurdles and keep on running.

The game was so successful that even the big names like Disney collaborated with Temple run.

And if you love to play long games you can download this game and also the 3D graphics are so awesome of the game that after a certain time you start feeling like you yourself playing the game.

5 – Ludo King

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This one is a great game where the emotions were really very high amongst the players.

Most of us have played this game in our childhood in the physical world at that time we need to be at the same place to play the game.

But Ludo King has changed the scenario completely now you can play Ludo with anyone and from any place.

You surely know about the rules but still, let me clarify a bit about it mostly 4 people play this game and everyone has to reach the center of the board after completing a full round of the board.

But as they have to cross other players home so your opponent can cut your token and then you again have to start from zero.

And there are more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play store and the number is keep on increasing.

6 – HAGO


The next app on our list is HAGO In this single app you can play many different games that are completely free.

Also, there are more than 100 million downloads of this app in Google play store.

There are many different games like sheep fighting where two players can play against each other and they have to eat all the grass of their opponent and the player who does this fast will win the game.

The concept is interesting, try this and you will love it I can assure you.

The next game you can play in HAGO is Fruit Master where you have to cut the fruits faster than your opponent and you will win the game.

Another popular game of HAGO is the knife hit where there is a moving plate and at the end, there are some fruits or things and in some places, there are things where if you hit the knife you will lose the game.

So there are many other games that you can play in HAGO to spend your spare time.

7 – 8 ball pool

8 ball Pool Android Free Game
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8 Ball pool is another android free game and an online multiplayer pool game where there is no need for the opponent to be with you on the same club.

With your own place, you can easily play the game and enjoy with your friends.

You will see their in the pool table many balls which you have to hit with the stick and black ball and pick them into the holes.

One who does this faster wins the game and this game also has more than 100 million downloads in Google play store.

And this game is also available on other platforms like iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. And also you can play with complete strangers if you do not have anybody to play with and enjoy your spare time.

8 – COD Mobile (Call Of Duty)

8 ball Pool Android Free Game
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This was a much-awaited game for all gamers as the desktop version of COD was very popular among gamers and everyone wants to know how this will work on mobile.

There are different modes like battle royal, multiplayer mode and zombie mode and there are different maps that let you experience different places.

Also if you want to have some fun you can opt for zombie mode where you have to survive the waves of zombies this one is fun really.

Experience it and comment down below how you feel playing these games and also share with others who want to experience something new.

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