Tonal Digital Home Gym Machine

We will discuss in-depth for digital home gym machine but before this, let’s know what did WHO said?

The world is fighting with COVID-19 nowadays, World Health Organisation gave a statement that in the whole world there are 3% of people who have good immunity systems. 

We all know, we will definitely win this fight against COVID-19 but have you thought will you continue to focus on your health after ending of this fight? maybe not. 

After 2-3 month ending of this fight, you will forget to do exercise, yoga and eat a healthy diet. 

As you know Gbapps always try to give you latest knowledge on apps, Techpro and Business model. We have also written an article on the best technology used by counties to fight with coronavirus.

But. in this article, we are going to meet you with best digital home gym machine that helps us to stay fit and help to boost our body, mind and soul energy.

Do you not want to go to the gym? or if you want but the gym trainer does not give you proper training so here we are going to introduce you with Tonal home gym that has an all-in-one system and 24/7 virtual personal trainer to help you get strong body, mind and soul.


The Tonal is a wall-mounted smart and digital home gym machine that can move everywhere. It has two adjustable arms that help you to do your exercise at different angles. It features a touch screen that helps you to advice and work as a personal gym trainer.



Tonal is one type of a whole gym in one machine. Yes, it’s true it will give similar facility of the gym but here you will get in a smart way. 

So, let’s discuss the features of Tonal Home Gym Machine in a simple and smart way:


Smart And Digital Weights Adjustment 

If you think about weight and weight machine, the first thing comes in your mind a big piece of metal with gigantic arms. 

If you want to add or remove weight so, there you have to move the pin and set weight according to your wish and sometimes this is wrong because you don’t know the right weight you should pull up and down. 

Second thing is that in traditional weight lifting machine you ca do exercise maybe maximum 2 or if you are lucky then 3-4 exercise from the same machine.

 Also, is you wanted to keep track your weight lifting you have to jot it down in a notebook or your smartphone.

So, now forget all traditional gym equipment here Tonal smart gym equipment gives you the simplest way to lift weights and make you strong. 

With the help of Tonal, you can adjust the weight in a smarter way with the flick of your finger. Is it amazing, right? and Tonal tracks your reps, sets, volume, power and also a range of motion automatically. And this all possible by digital weights. 

Before this smart weight machine, traditional weight machine relied on gigantic metal arms and metal plates and work on gravity. 

But if we talk about the Tonal home gym machine here it employs an electromagnetic resistance engine that can generate resistance up to 200 lbs. 

Tonal Smart Touchscreen Display


If you are going a gym but the coach is not focusing on you so here you will get a coach in 24″ integrated interactive display.

 You can select your program and then Tonal coaches will help you to do exercise in a scientific way.

 Coaches will advise and motivate you through every workout that helps you to make your body fit and fine. 

One Machine Full-Body Fitness

If you are going to buy purchase a gym machine for your home gym so, I think you should not waste your money to purchase lots of heavy and big machine. 

Tonal is best because it gives you a facility to full-body fitness upper and lower body exercise. 

It means you can do each and every exercise in one machine without investing in too many machines and it saves your home space also.

Tonal Smart Accessories

tonal machine

It provides you with a smart accessory bundle to make your experience better. 

Now you have not to spend more time on preparing you can use accessory to make your time utilise. Tonal provide you with some accessories which are as follow 

Smart Handles

It will help you to control weight while you are doing exercise here you don’t need to move the pin and adjust the weight to stop exercise. With the help of this smart six-axis gyroscopes track every rep and the Bluetooth technology helps you to control digital weight.

Smart Bar

This smart bar will help you to perform your bar-based exercises and with the help of this, you can turn weight on and off when you want.


it helps to perform many exercises from different angles in a smarter way.


The bench is custom it will help to expand the amount of movement while workout and gives you better comfort.


As we know stretching is very necessary so, this roller helps you to engage in dynamic stretches.

Workout Mat

This workout mat is supported by cushioned for your floor movements with our workout mat.

Tonal’s Workouts And Coaches For Every Type Of Body

programs and coaches

It provides you with hundreds of hours of workouts and sessions to get your desired body. If you want to lose your weight or build your muscle, coaches help you in a proper and scientific way. 

Strength Training For Body

Tonal provides you workout according to your need and you can choose your desired need of workout from hundreds of different workout for strength training of your body. 

If you looking to build muscle and want to get strong for your sport or want to fit in your life Tonal helps you.

Cardio Classes 

Do you wait for your trainer to do cardio? if yes, so tonal will help you to provide cardio classes that will help you to boost your stamina in with smart tonal home gym.

Tonal’s Partner Workouts

The artificial intelligence coach helps you to instantly adjusts your weight and if you are doing exercise in the wrong way then your A.I. partner will help you to do correctly. 

It also tracks your progress report that doubles the motivation to do more and accurate.

Yoga With Tonal Home Gym

Yoga that helps you to balance your body, mind and soul in a better way. Tonal will guide you to do yoga in an effective way. The mat also helps you to perform yoga in a better manner with A.I. coach.

Full-guided Programs

Whether you are looking for to build your physiques or want to supercharge your mind tonal guided programme and it’s coach will assist you.

 Tonal coaches help you to boost your stamina and physique according to your body type. That will help you to feel better, look better, perform better and stay healthier. 

You can perform here many moves like barbell bent-over row, bench press, Bulgarian split squat, deadlift, goblet squat, lateral lunge, lateral raise, rotational chop x pulldown and many more.

Free Lift With Tonal

You can create your own routine in Free lift mode and Tonal’s coach A.I. technology will manage further. The A.I. will count all sets and movement with its smart technology.

Bad Stuff Of Tonal Home Gym

1st you will not interact with your coaches because they don’t have live classes and programs get stale very instantly.

The cost of this smart home gym is pricey. 

The verge has given a rating of 6.5 for tonal equipment which is good not much better.

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