Tivimate Premium Apk Download For Your Android Devices

Download Tivimate Premium Apk as nowadays, almost all homes own expensive LCD TVs, and they are of high quality and give users a variety of options when using various services from many Internet distributors. One of those services is IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol TV, a type of service for users to access the Internet through LCD TV. Typically, users will have to install a receiver, a small thing that provides Internet services to the TV, and will come with a remote for the user to input data or switch channels. However, not everyone has the conditions to use such a service, so that they will look for IPTV emulation applications right on their smartphones or tablets. Although the quality of service and the number of channels is not equal to using the original IPTV, those applications still provide the same experience for users.

Tivimate Premium Apk Additional Information

Application NameTiviMate IPTV Player
Application Size11 MB
OS Requirement5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone
Available OnGoogle Play
Tivimate Mod ApkNot Available
In-app Products$.99 – $31.99 per item
DeveloperVisit Website
Offered ByAR Mobile Dev
Published Date31/08/2021
Updated Date 15/10/2021
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Description Of Tivimate Premium Apk

Tivimate IPTV Premium apk is made for every smartphone, which you can use to stream any IPTV channels or movies. IPTV is becoming quite famous because in this service, your TV will use internet protocol to access the media channels, movies and it’s relatively more straightforward than the cabling system. The connection is more secure, advanced and gives you an option to select any olives and TV channels that are not available on your traditional cabling type.

Although these services are provided to smart LCD TV users only, you can use the emulator applications like Tubemate MOD apk that work quite fit on any smartphone. People nowadays have gotten in the habit of streaming movies and Tv shows on their smartphones, so it’s relatively easy to use this app.

Even for watching IPTV channels, you need to have LCD Tv, but this game application is an emulator and works quite well on smartphones. You can access any content with just one click. Select the geographical location or international channels that you want to stream. Many TV shows, drama series of foreign languages are usually not available on movie streaming services also. You can watch all of these things on Tivimate Premium apk without paying any money for it too. The developers develop the modded version after considering the unique demand of users and optimizing it further.

Tivimate Premium Apk comes with unlocked versions giving you more access to the TV channels. Here, your connection will be over IP and not through a traditional cabling system. People are always looking for something new and exciting because we all have the habit of entertaining, which is thrilling, new, and Tivimate cracked apk is the type of application you will like the most. Because every kind of TV channel, whether it’s regional or international, can be streamed through it, and you don’t need to pay any subscription money for its usage.

Main features:

• Modern user interface designed for big screens
• Support for multiple playlists
• Scheduled TV guide update
• Favorite channels
• Catch-up
• Search
• and much more

User Interface

Almost all IPTV users are familiar with their interface via TV. Each IPTV service distributor will have a separate user interface, and they are also user-friendly for users to quickly get used to. The same goes for TiviMate, as it has a user-friendly interface, is familiar, and has the simplest possible layout. Furthermore, the application also has hundreds of separate categories, with hundreds of different features for users to interact with IPTV content. Users can use simple actions, such as tap, swipe, and hold to bring up the menu list to assist users in analyzing the applications on the screen. Through the application settings, users can personalize the interface, such as changing colors, layout, controls, and more for the best user experience.


If users use any IPTV service, then they can connect to Android through simple steps. Of course, the application will come with basic instructions for users to connect to IPTV through Android. Once connected, users can view all the content and channels provided by the local IPTV distributor. Users can watch international channels through this app, all for free, and can watch anytime, anywhere in their home.


Once connected to IPTV, the user’s device will become a mini-TV, but easier to operate thanks to its console. Users can access any channel they want, follow the TV shows, and even search for or catch up on their favorite series. Everything that IPTV has for TV will be available on Android for users to enjoy the best user experience with IPTV. What’s even more interesting is that users can schedule showtimes through the app, interact with playlists, and perform many other actions right on their Android. All that a user can do on TV will become simpler on Android, even more, convenient and flexible thanks to the interoperability of the application.


If users enjoy IPTV service on LCD TVs, they will need remote controls to control and operate basic TV functions, such as volume, changing channels, and more. But if the user uses TiviMate, then everything will be done by touching the screen. Yes, all remote functions will be displayed on the screen through the interactive buttons. Users can hide or show the console, and easily change programs, adjust volume, change image colors, and more. The app also allows users to personalize controls, like their size, position, and color. Of course, the user can change specific special actions to display the console, like pinch and slide in any direction.

TiviMate is an application that helps users connect to IPTV and turns them into a mini-TV for users to carry them around in their home. Users do not need to use a cable to connect, as they can easily connect wirelessly to the IPTV provider. In short, with this application, users can enjoy all the IPTV services conveniently and comfortably right on their Android devices.

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