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Why you Must not Download ThopTV Apk (Save Your Device & Yourself)

ThopTV is an app that lets you watch most of the movies and shows completely free of cost on their platform. As Thop TV Apk is not legal you can not find the application in Google Play Store but still, if you want to Download ThopTV Apk then you must need to ready to face legal issues.

There is not ThopTV official website is available in the market as the application is not secure and legal, you can think that how an application can be secure if it does not even have a website in today’s era.

ThopTV Technical Information

Application NameThoptv Apk
Application Size17.80 MB
Downloads5 Million Plus
Operating SystemAndroid/IOs

You Must Not Download ThopTV For PC

You Must Not Download ThopTV For PC

It is a mobile application and not available for PC, but still, people are using Thoptv for PC with the help of Emulator which can also be dangerous for your PC as there is no security check for the application so it can even damage your PC so I recommend you not to use Thoptv For PC.

Security Issues

As thop tv apk is not a legal application you can face some security issues on your device as they can inject malware on your device and can lock your device and can demand money to unlock.


When you download the application you give them all the access to your device so they can see your secret files or can sell your private images on the dark web.

Alternative of Thop TV App

To save some money you download these types of application which simply do not purchase the license of any movies or shows that they have on their website and because of that many time they damage your device which is much costlier than the small subscription fees.

So you can download Netflix, Hotstar, or many other online streaming applications that provide you with great content and security for just a small subscription.

Thoptv for Windows

Thoptv for Windows

There is not much difference between Thoptv for PC and Thoptv for Windows, here you download Thoptv on your Windows and use it with the help of an emulator on your windows.

But you need to check thoptv स्थापित before downloading on your Window as the Thoptv Application is not legal as they provide those content for free which is paid content.

Thoptv Live

Thoptv Live

In Thoptv App you get an option of Thoptv Live where you can watch the live shows, without paying anything to anyone so if you want to watch live tv for free then Thoptv Live is a popular and great option if you are able to take the risk.

Live IPL with Thoptv Live

Live IPL with Thoptv Live

You can see a huge jump in the searches of Thoptv when IPL started to watch Live IPL with Thoptv Live and this says the popularity of the Thoptv.

As Thoptv lets the users watch live shows completely free of cost more and more people are using Thoptv on their smartphone and also on their PC even thoptv ipl live match Hindi version is also has huge searches.


Thoptv Official

Do you want to download Thop Tv from the Thoptv official website, then maybe you will feel a little bit sad as there is no Thoptv Official website you need to download Thoptv from the third party website, and as there is no official website this is the reason why the application is not trusted worthy.

Thoptv Apk 32.0

The latest version which is available and people are searching is the Thoptv Apk 32.0 which is the most searched keyword regarding Thop tv these days, So if you want to download Thoptv Apk 32.0 then you can visit any third party website and can download from there at your own risk.

Thoptv 44.0 Download Apk

This is another version that is very famous and popular Thoptv 44.0 has a huge search volume these days. And Thoptv 44.0 Download Apk is also the latest version which one can use for the entertainment.

Thoptv Apk 44.3.1

Thoptv Apk 44.3.1 is the latest version available in the market that one can download but again if you download the applicatio means you are promoting the illegal activities so i will recommend to not download the application.

What to do if Thoptv not Working?

You get the proper guide in the application, so simply go through the guide and you will be able to fix the issues if Thoptv not working on your device.

Is Thoptv is Indian or Chinese?

If you see, the priority is given to the Indian content as there are more than 500 channels are available other than that you can access many different OTT platforms. For Android For Android is another version of the Thoptv which people are using right now who are using Android devices these days and this version is providing some latest features to its users but again as you know the Thoptv Aok application is not trustable as they provide illegal content so still the app is quite harful for the users.

Thoptv Premium Redeem Code

If you want to Redeem Code for Thoptv Premium then there are many websites available in the internet that provides the Thoptv Premium Redeem Code but here we do not provide any kind of illegal content and not even promote the content and also ask our users to not to use any illegal things that’s why we are asking you to not to find these kinds of things.

Thoptv Official Telegram

There are many channels in the Telegram with the name of Thoptv Official Telegram which are providing illegal content to the users but let me tell you those links can be harmful and can also harm your device so make sure you do not use such kind of Thoptv Official Telegram channels.

Thoptv v44 5.3

Thoptv v44 5.3

In the above image you can see how there is a sudden hike for the thoptv v44 5.3 as they have rolled out a new version with some new features but these new features are harming the entertainment industry as thoptv v44 5.3 and other thoptv version provide free content for which companies have invest a lot and they dont make profit because these applications.

Thoptv. monster for PC

These days many peoples are using Thoptv. monster for PC to access the application on their PC and they can have the fun on their PC with the help of Thoptv. monster for but be aware as these application can easily harm you PC so be sure before using such kind of application on your PC.

Thoptv 45.2.1

A new version of Thoptv 45.2.1 has been roll out which has some more features for the users of Thoptv.

ThopTV Apk

ThopTV is an app that lets you watch most of the movies and shows completely free of cost on their platform

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

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