Which Technologies countries are using to fight Coronavirus

Today the whole world is fighting with an enemy whom they can not see, and the fight becomes more dangerous when you can not see your enemy.

More than 31 lakh people have been infected with Coronavirus and more than 2 lakh people have died because of coronavirus till now.

And the whole world is now in the condition of home quarantine or lockdown to save themself or their family members.

And in this tough situation, great inventions of humans are helping greatly to the whole of mankind.

So in this article, we will see which technologies countries are using to fight and save themself from coronavirus.

Location Tracker

Location Tracker

It is very important that the government must have proper information about the people or about the infected person so that they can inform others when the patients have visited where so that everyone who was there make themself quarantine or check their health.

Different countries have ordered their agencies to track the location of their people for almost 30 days so that they have proper information about the citizens.

Also, many countries have used location tracking systems to reduce the transmission of the virus.

You must have heard of augmented reality where you can track your delivery boy and the same technology is used by agencies to track you with the help of your smartphone.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Many countries have developed their official applications which inform you about different things like have you ever contacted any coronavirus patients, is there any coronavirus patients in your locality, also inform you about your health by questioning you some questions about your health conditions.

Many of the apps also inform you about the high alert areas which you must avoid.

Like China, the government has developed its official app with the collaboration of Alipay which informs the citizens about have they contacted any corona patients which citizens of more than 200 cities are using in China.

India has developed its official app called Aarogya Setu which also tells about the health condition of yours, high-risk areas, have you visited any high-risk areas where the infected person has visited in the past.

Bahrain has also developed its official app called beware Bahrain for both android and IOs developers.

The app also has all the information about the particular patient and the high-risk places and it alerts its users whenever they reach any high-risk area or near to any coronavirus patience.

HaMagen the official mobile app of Israel also does the task performed by other Covid-19 applications and it also cross-checks the new COVID-19 location, whether he crossed the location that old patience has crossed and many other different things.

Ghana has also developed its Covid-19 official “GH Covid-19 tracker App” for both Android and IOs but it hasn’t got approval in the play store or Apple store and it also tells about the high-risk locations and about your health.

So these all apps are very helpful if your government has released them. You should also download the app and keep yourself and your family safe.



CCTVs record all the incidents that took place near them so it is great to help to find the places infected people went and bought something or meet someone.

Even in India a family who returned from foreign test positive in the Coronavirus test and here CCTV played a great role to find all the other persons or family they have met and the government found about 900 families warning them and taking their blood samples for the test.

Once CCTVs were used to find the criminals but they are used to find the infected people and whom they have met.



As the government imposed lockdown in many countries to save their people even they know that it will impact their economy but still, they are doing that but many people are not understanding the seriousness of the situation and not properly following the rules.

And also in many countries, people are hiding their symptoms because of the fear so where governments are using drones which shows the body temperature of the people, and then the officials reach them to do their proper checkups and then they leave them after proper reports.

And in some countries, people are not following the lockdown rules and roaming here and there so their officials use drones to track them, chase them, and then take strict actions against them.

So drones are helping officials to manage the situation and stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

The traditional thermometers need to touch the body of the patient to measure the temperature of the patient’s body.

But in this Coronavirus pandemic, we must maintain proper social distancing so that we can save ourselves.

But with an infrared thermometer, you need not touch your patience. You can simply place the thermometer a little bit away from his face and it will show the body temperature of the person.

And it is also very quick to use so that with very less amount of time you can check many people.

And also after this pandemic, many institutions can use this technology to measure the temperature of anyone. High body temperature is one of the symptoms of Coronavirus.

It has a digital screen on the top of the machine with some buttons so when you put the machine in front of the person it simply shows the temperature in the display.


This is already in use for a long time in the medical sector, and when a patient can not breathe well on his own then the medical staff use this machine so that patients can breathe well.

Coronavirus mainly affects our lungs so when a person gets affected with Coronavirus he makes it difficult to breathe and thus he uses a ventilator to breathe properly.

And mostly old people don’t have good immunity so it will become very important to put them into a ventilator so that they can breathe well and the medical team can do the proper medications.

But as there are a huge number of Coronavirus infected people so now there is a huge shortage of ventilators so many different companies who were not in the ventilator development are now making ventilators to fulfill the shortage.

And also companies are not making those huge and fancy ventilators now they are making small ones which is very to use and they also do not need huge space to install and some also do not need any kind of electricity.

So in this pandemic time, everyone is doing great help like rich people are donating food and money to needy people.

Many companies are not firing their employees, companies are making great and useful products for the needy peoples.

And you can also do a great favor by simply following the rules made by the government as at this time one single patience can make thousands of other people infected.

So keep yourself safe and the rest of the government will take off every other thing, and it’s also ok if the economy is getting down as if we will be safe after a pandemic we will again revive the economy.

So be safe and follow the rules.

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