Subnautica Aurora Codes List 2021

Are you searching for Subnautica Aurora Codes List 2021? if yes then you are in the right place. We are going to share the full working code list for the game.

You can easily discover Aurora Ship in Subnautica. You need to get a radiation suit because without the Radiation suit it’s very difficult to explore the ship. Along with this if you are on the hunt then make sure you have the following items:-

  • Laser Cutter – Laser Cutter helps to enter rooms that include Prawn Suit Bay and Black Box Terminal.
  • Repair Tool – You can use it for Drive Room and repair any broken doors on the Aurora In Subnautica.
  • Weapon – Use a weapon to safeguard any Cave Crawlers.
  • Repulsion Cannon – These could be very useful for you while eliminating cases and obstructions, to be specific the ones in the principal passage and Laboratory entrance.
  • Survival Knife – Use a survival Knife to kill any lingering bleeders.

Once you get all the items given above then you are all set to head on the board. There are so many locked doors in the game and you need to explore the ship and need the required code to unlock the door. You can use Subnautica Aurora Codes and unlock the door easily.

Subnautica Aurora Codes

All the working Subnautica Aurora Codes is mention below. Use the code and open the door easily.

  • Cabin No. 1: 1869
  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Lab Access: 6483
  • Robotics Bay: 6666

We hope the code will help you to unlock the door and explore the ship deeper. If this code will help you then let us know and share it with your friends.

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