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Spotify Premium APK Download- Latest Version 2020

Spotify Premium apk or Spotify Mod apk a music application and that is also a modified version of an official one is available on the internet to download. 

As we all know, over the years we have seen a lot of music streaming applications and from those applications one of them being Spotify. 

Spotify always attracts music lovers globally. Official Spotify application works on a freemium model that means it has a free version but for pro services, you have to pay some premium. Spotify Premium APK is a modified version of the official one and it is totally free to use. 

You don’t need to pay money for extra services. This is also a known as Spotify Hack version. If you really want to download Spotify Premium apk then read this article till the end. 

What Is Spotify?

Before moving to take an overview of Spotify Premium APK, first, we should understand what is Spotify?. So, basically Spotify is a music streaming platform such as Pandora, Deezer, LAST.FM, iHeartRadio etc. 

There were 130 Million subscribers of Spotify till 31st March 2020. So, Spotify is a very big platform for music and the first choice for many music lovers. 

This application works on the freemium model as we discussed above. If you are using a free version of Spotify so you will have to face many restrictions to lighten your favourite music and all. 

To avoid the restriction you have to purchase the premium subscription of the application. So, here is a solution to save your money and that is Spotify Premium APK or also known as Spotify hack apk.

Spotify Premium APK Overview

Spotify Premium Mod APK

Spotify Premium APK is a modified version of the official application. This application is free to download and along with it, you don’t need to pay money to unlock all restrictions like official applications.

With the help of Spotify hack you can easily stream your favourite music and also you can download the music to listen offline. 

Latest Features Of Spotify Premium Mod APK

Spotify Premium APK has cool and very interesting features. I am going to explain to you all the latest features of Spotify hack so read till the end.

Unlimited Music Option

As we all know Spotify is the 1st choice for many music lovers because of the abundant collection of songs. This music application has a collection of more than 50M songs and that is increasing according to time.

 When will you first open the Spotify Premium APK then the app will ask you to choose your music categories like Hard Rock, Techno, POP, Jazz, Folk, Bollywood, Hollywood and many more.

After the Spotify Premium APK will automatically suggest songs according to your interest. 

Apart from this application also has an unlimited song of your favourite singer for instance if you want to listen to the music of Scarlett Johansson so, you can simply search and see all songs of your favourite singer.

Listen, Music Without Any Ad

If you want to listen to music without interrupting ads so Spotify Mod APKis for you. Because with any ads you can download and listen to music. 

If we talk about the original Spotify then it uses different types of ads for instance display ads for 30 seconds and many more.

So, if you are going to download and install Spotify hack then it will block all the ads.

Music Download Option

 Yes, you can download audio if you are using Spotify Premium APK and save any songs offline. This feature of Spotify Mod APK also helps to save users MB. You can download unlimited music and save it.

Let’s understand how to download music from Spotify Mod PAK

1. First search for your favourite songs on the search bar.

2. Click on the music and add music to playlist by simply click on the three-dot in top right corner side.

3. Then, open added music playlist and simply click on the download.’

4. Now, wait for some time because all songs that are added in the playlist started to download.

Share Your Favorite Song

If you want to share your favourite song with your friends or your loved one then Spotify connect will help. With the help of Spotify Mod APK’s Spotify connect feature you can easily share the song.

Listen, Podcast On Spotify Premium Mod APK

Yes, you can listen, your favourite unlimited podcast on this app. You don’t need to pay for this. This feature is very helpful for who is fond to listen to the podcast.

Apart from this, there are some more feature like 

1. you can play your favourite music on the various device at the same time.

2. This application gives you a platform to listen to music from more than 60+ music channels.

3. You can download your favourite songs in a single click and many more.

Download And Install Spotify Premium Mod APK In Android Device

You can download and install the app by following these steps:

Steps1: Click on the button given below.

Steps2: Downloading page will be open then click on the link.

Steps3: After download will have completed, then go to your android device file manager and click on the install button.

Steps4: Now, you can sign-up and enjoy Spotify.


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