Shenhe Weapon Tier List

If you want to play the game in smarter way then you must pick a best Weapon to win the game. Here, we are going to share all the latest Shenhe Weapon Tier List. Here, we have developed a 5 category of weapon from Best to Okay.

All weapons have their own identity and capacity to damage. The way to use of the weapons in the game may be differ player by player. May be you can use worst weapon in the smarter way it’s also depends on your controlling.

Shenhe Genish Impact Wiki

Shenhe is a playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact. The daughter of an unnamed exorcist couple, Shenhe was taken in by Cloud Retainer as a disciple following a traumatic incident during her childhood.

Shenhe Weapon Tier List

Tier List for Shenhe Weapon mention below:


  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  • Lithic Spear
  • WaveBreakers Fin
  • 5-Star


  • Staff Of Homa
  • Skyward Spine
  • Engulfing Lighting
  • The Catch
  • Favonius Lance


  • Royal Spear
  • Cross Spear
  • Black Cliff Pole
  • Deathmatch


  • Star Glitter
  • Crescent Pike
  • Dragon’s Bane
  • Dragonspine Spear

Our Shenhe Weapon Tier List is based on our experience with the game. We understand that our ranking may differ from yours experience in the game. You can also get other game Tier list like Daedalus Hammer Tier List and many other game.

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