Robokiller App Latest Version, Robokiller cost & More

Robokiller App is one of the best solutions for robocalls. As per the company, American received more than 58 billion spam calls in the year 2019. This is the super app to kills all spammy calls.

So, in this article, we are going to available the app for you and tell all about the app like, what is robokiller, robokiller cost and all. 

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What Is Robokiller?

This app will help you to stops spam calls forever and save you from the spammer. So, by using this app you can say bye to spammy calls and save your time and data also. You can protect yourself from local spoof numbers and not even call but also SMS. This app is really amazing and helps you in a better way. 


Robokiler app

Features of the app are really very helpful for you so, let’s get know all the features of the app so, you can use all the features to protect from spammy calls.

Receive The Calls That You Want

If you are using Robokiler Apk than the app will automatically disable the call because of the app blocks over 1.1 million spam number of phone scammer and telemarketers. So, you will get the only call that you actually want to receive.

Make A Fun

The answer bots of the app will give the answer to the call and you can listen to the call recording when you want. So, let’s pick your answer bot – waste the time of scammers automatically with the help of bot and listen to the conversation and laugh. You can share the recording with your friends too.

Ultimate Control 

Robokiller Apk gives you feature to personalized block and allow lists that is totally dependent on your choice. You can unblock the number of spammer in one tap if you want.

Block Spam SMS

You will also get features to block scam text messages and all the msg will move in doves so, if you want to see the SMS then you can see all the blocked SMS.

Get 7-days Free Trial

Robokiller app gives you feature to try it first 7 days and then decide to its premium plan continue or not. 


How much does robokiller cost?

Robokiller Cost 2020 is $39.99/year and if you will take its monthly plan then the monthly cost of the app is $4.99/month.

Is Robokiller Free?

Actually, the app is free for 7 days only and you have to subscribe it’s premium plan and if you don’t want to continue the service so, cancel it anytime.

Can We Download Robokiller Mod Apk?

No, you can not download Robokiller Mod Apk and you should not use these types of mod version.

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