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RepelisPlus Apk

Repelisplus Apk V5.01 Download For Android

Repelisplus Apk lets you watch and download your favorite movies, Series, and Anime and that even without having to open it up from any other third-party tool.

This means if you are a movie lover or you love to watch series or Anime then Repelisplus is going to be a great one for you as they have a huge collection of movies, series, or anime that you can watch in your free time.

All you have to do is choose the category you love to watch and thousands of content will be there in front of you and you can enjoy your time. So before we move further in the article let’s first see a small technical overview of the application.


Repelisplus Apk Technical Overview

Application NameRepelisPlus Apk
Application Size48.57 MB
OS RequirementAndroid 4.1+
Last Updated14/01/2021
Updated Date25/08/2021

The application also lets you search your favorite content if you already which one you want to see and you can find that content easily from the home page.

Features of Repelis Plus Apk

1. Huge Content List – Repelis Plus has a huge content list which they offer to their users so if you have any specific content to watch then you can also search for that or their algorithm will suggest you some great one for you.

2. User Interface – The application has one of the most simple user interfaces to use all you have to do is simply select the category and you will get some suggestions select the content you want to watch and you are done enjoy now.


3. Information – RepelisPlus also gives you the proper information about the content you are watching like director information, country, cast information, released date, length, and title.

4. Watch Now – To watch the content you don’t have to download the content on your device rather you can simply click on the watch button and your video will start running.

5. Downloading Option – Also if you want to download the content they provide links for that and you can use those links to download the content and can watch anytime from anywhere.


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