Raposo FRP Apk V2.0 Download On Your Android Device

Raposo FRP Apk is one of the trendiest applications available right now which most people search with Raposofrp.tk to bypass the FRP security of google to unlock your android device in case you forget your Google account password.

Many times this happens to most of us that we forget our ID passwords as most of the time our passwords are saved in the device.

And whenever we cleared the saved passwords of our device we are not able to access the device as we forgot our passwords.

But now you don’t have to worry that Raposo FRP is here which has the ability to by the security and open your ID for you without charging anything from you.

And also this application has some features to make things easy for you but before that let’s first see a small overview of the application.

Raposo FRP Overview

Application NameRaposo FRP Apk
Application Size28.49 MB
OS RequirementAndroid 4.2 Plus
Updated DateDec 17, 2021

How Does The App Works

The application also work in the same way as other tool of this category works. So you simply need to download the Apk file of Raposo FRP and install it in your Android device.

Then the application will ask few permissions you have to permit them and also this process is slightly different for different devices, and it also allow you to add different gmail account so that you can access the device with that mail account.

Application Update

The application is completely bug free and you can use it without any worries. And there are also regular update of the application which solve all the bugs if there is any.

So you can easily update your application from our website and for that, I recommend you to visit us again and check whether there is an update or not.

Raposo FRP Features

Bypass Setting

Bypass the FRP setting of your device very easily so that you don’t have to pay anything to anyone if you forget your password.

No Ads

There are no ads in the application which normally irritates us when we are working to make things work.

New and Old Cellphones

This application is valid for both new and old cellphones means if you have the older version of the phone you can still use this application quite easily.


Earlier you can download the app directly from the website but now the website is down and you can not simply download the application from Raposofrp.tk so instead of searching for that you can download the application from our website and use it.

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