Pubg mobile mod apk unlimited uc download 0.19.0 – Why it is not for you

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk is application that gives you great advantage over other players and you can easily win the game and people are also using PUBG Mod Apk and winning the games.

But do you know this application is actually illegal and authorities can actually sue you for the illegal activity as you are using those things which you actually have to buy in the game and also other genuine players will quit the game as they were not able to win?

So before we move further in the article lets a small comparison between PUBG Mobile Mod Apk and PUBG Apk (Original One).

Comparison between PUBG Mobile Mod Apk and PUBG APK

Application Size2.03 GB1.07 GB
Updated DateJan 08, 2022Jan 08, 2022
VersionNew Era
OS RequirementAndroid 4.2 PlusAndroid 4.2 Plus
DeveloperTencent GamesNot Known
Official WebsitePUBG Apk

What Are The Difference Between Official PUBG And PUBG MOD?

There is some difference between the official and it’s modified version let’s understand the difference between these two apk.

Official PUBG APK

If we talk about the official PUBG then this is a very interesting and popular game nowadays. If you are a gamer and didn’t play this game so, I personally suggest that you must play this game at once.

So, this game is a multiplayer game where you have to shoot another player. 

In this game, if you need health kit to revive your health and if you didn’t get the medical kit then you will die in the game.

You can also discuss with your teammate from the audio and chat. The user interference of this game is very interesting.

The features of PUBG Apk is interesting and this game is very popular around the world nowadays.


It is a modified version of official PUBG but its feature is very interesting as compared to the original one.

If you are using PUBG Mobile Mod apk version then you will get unlimited health, unlimited money, and everything that is paid and not available on the official one.

Many players use this application to take advantages of this feature and want to enjoy the winner winner chicken dinner.

But a point should be noted that most of the time official pubg player ban your ID if you use these types of the modified version of the app.

pubg mod apk

Final Verdict

So PUBG Mod Apk defenitely give you some awesome features but it doesn’t give you that feeling, so i reccomend you not to use PUBG Mobile Mod Apk and play Regular PUBG.

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