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pubg mobile mod apk

PUBG Mod APK or PUBG Mobile MOD APK Download

Last updated on July 26th, 2020 at 03:12 pm

PUBG Mod APK or PUBG Mobile MOD APK is the same thing but if we talk about the PUBG Mod APK and original PUBG application then here is much different in their feature.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about this apk file installation and download.

You can easily download PUBG Mod APK in a minute but before this, you must read this article till the end before download and install the app in your cellphone.

If you are fond of PUBG and want to play a PUBG with unlimited exciting feature then first you will have to learn how to download PUBG Mobile Mode and is it safe to use this application.


If you are our regular visitor then you know very well that gbapps will always tell you about lots of apk information such as download, installation, pros, cons, version and many more.

Apart from this, we have also written an article on PUBG business model you can check this article also those are new in our family. 

If you are a gamer then I are fond of PUBG definitely. But those don’t know about the app then don’t worry for you I am going to tell you about the original PUBG.

PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battleground is a multiplayer game. Nowadays PUBG is very popular game nowadays and also made a record to download by millions of users.

Official PUBG apk users are greater then it’s modified version. 

If we talk about the Pubg Mod APK then this application is modified version of Official PUBG APK. But you can download this application from the web. 

Let’s understand this application in a deep before download and install in your device.

What Are The Difference Between Official PUBG And PUBG MOD?

There is some difference between the official and it’s modified version let’s understand the difference between these two apk.

Official PUBG APK

If we talk about the official PUBG then this is a very interesting and popular game nowadays. If you are a gamer and didn’t play this game so, I personally suggest that you must play this game at once.

So, this game is a multiplayer game where you have to shoot another player. 

In this game, if you need health kit to revive your health and if you didn’t get the medical kit then you will die in the game.

You can also discuss with your teammate from the audio and chat. The user interference of this game is very interesting.

The features of PUBG Apk is interesting and this game is very popular around the world nowadays.


It is a modified version of official PUBG but its feature is very interesting as compared to the original one.

If you are using PUBG Mobile Mod apk version then you will get unlimited health, unlimited money, and everything that is paid and not available on the official one.

Many players use this application to take advantages of this feature and want to enjoy the winner winner chicken dinner.

But a point should be noted that most of the time official pubg player ban your ID if you use these types of the modified version of the app.

What Are The Features Of PUBG MOD APK?

pubg mod apk

The features of PUBG Mobile Mode APK will mesmerise you. There are many interesting features of this modified version and you will familiar by this feature then you can become a pro player of the PUBG.

Wall Hack Feature

If you want a lot of fun and a pro player of PUBG then this feature is amazing for you. This feature is very interesting and amazing with the help of this feature you can see your enemy if your enemy is behind the tank or any wall.

It means you can kill your enemy without any obstacle and doesn’t matter where they are hidden.

Auto Aim And AimBot

In official PUBG APK, you need to collect bullets to win chicken dinner in the game. But in modified you get some advance feature to kill your enemy like AutoAim and AimBot.

If you are using this feature so you can shoot your anime in a single fire. If we talk about the Aimbot feature then it is an automatic target your enemy. This is a very interesting feature to win the game.

Do You Want Unlimited UC?

If you love to wear new dresses, change your player skin or need royale pass then PUBG MOD APK gives you an access of unlimited UC.

With the help of this, you can purchase new outfits, your favourite guns, skins, vehicle and many more things. This is a very helpful feature and you don’t need to pay money as in official PUBG Apk.

User Interference

The user interference of PUBG Mobile Mod Apk is same as official PUBG APk. You will also make your entry by plan and also use weapons same as the official app. The game is very interesting when you play with this feature.

Like A Real

All the things of the game look like real. If we talk about the weapons, any stuffs, flying in the plan, sound and environment of the game.

Premium Unlocked

This app will help you to use your favourite skin, dress, dog and many more. You don’t need to purchase anything else. Now, select your favourite dress and puppy to kill the enemy like a pro.

How I Can Download PUBG MOD APK?

Most of the people think that it is most difficult to download any apps from the web so, my dear friend it is very easy. Let’s understand how you can download PUBG MOD APK in a minute.

Step1: First you have to go to your device setting and enable the unknown sources. 

Step2: Then click on the “go to download Page” button.

Step3: After that a new tab will be open then click on the download button.

Step4: After download complete, you can easily install PUBG Mobile Mod APK by going to your device file manager and clicking on the install button of the app.

Step5: Your Installation takes few minute waits for it and becomes a pro player of the PUBG Game.


Now hope this post will helpful for you to become a pro player OF PUBG game. You can download the game by clicking on the button mention above. Download the Pubg mod apk and enjoy the game.

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