Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Mystery Gift Codes (June 2022)

Here we have updated Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Mystery Gift Codes and also we have mentioned the ways to unlock mystery gifts. When we talk about the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and shining pearl one get filled with the nostalgic feeling and we see countless old and new Pokémon’s.

All the Pokémon game has one common thing and that was almost all of them has a gift system that let the users to claim free stuffs with the help of the codes they provide to their users, all you have to do is enter the code and enjoy the free stuffs. And here in this article you can find the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Mystery Gift Codes.

The game let you purchase so many different things within the game but there are many mythical Pokémon’s or items that you can not purchase and can only get with the help of gift codes. So if you want some rare items on your cart then make sure you keep visiting this article as we update the codes here as soon as they get released. At the launch of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you can receive one of the Mythical type Pokémon Manaphy through the Mystery Gift system, for instance.

Methods To Unlock Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Mystery Gift Codes

Without unlocking mystery gifts you will not be able to receive any kind of gifts and to unlock this ability you can read methods we have mentioned here. So the first thing you have to do is beat the Jubilife City Gym Trainer and obtain your first gym badge.

After that you have to move the north of the city and there you have to participate in a double battle against some Galactic Grunts. So once you defeat the Galactic Grunts you will get the permission to enter the Jubilife City TV Station and in the third floor of the station you will find the producer and there you have to talk to that person and have to answer all his questions with “Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connections” and this will unlock your Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Mystery Gifts.

What Are All Mystery Gifts?

In the mystery gifts you can receive different kinds of rare items and also you can receive rare Pokémon in the Mystery Gifts and these gifts are available for small period of time, once they got expired you will be able to reclaim those gifts. And right now only few gifts are available in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Mystery Gift Codes and we have mentioned the below so go and check them right now.

Mystery GiftStart/End DatesDescriptionMeans of Obtaining
Platinum OutfitNov. 19, 2021, to Feb. 21, 2022Receive a Platinum Outfit for your character, which can be equipped at the Metronome Style Shop in Vielstone City.Get via Internet
Manaphy EggNov. 19, 2021, to Feb. 21, 2022Receive a Manaphy Egg. Walk around with this egg in your party to cause it to hatch into the legendary Pokémon Manaphy.Get via Internet
Quick Ball SetFebruary 21st 2022If you buy Pokémon BDSP from the Nintendo eShop before February 21st 2022, you will get a code that gives you 12 Quick Balls.Get via Internet
Poke Ball SetFebruary 21st 2022 If you buy the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl double pack, you will get 2 codes that together give you 100 Poke Balls.Get via Internet
Apricorn Ball Set February 21st 2022  if you buy the game from certain retailers (Amazon in the US, ShopTo in the UK), you’ll get a code that gives a selection of Poke Balls: a Fast Ball, Level Ball, Moon Ball, Heavy Ball, Love Ball, Lure Ball, and Friend Ball.Get via Internet

How to use & Redeem Mystery Gifts

Once the service has been unlocked, you can reach the Mystery Gift at any time by pressing the X button to open up the menu and selecting, er, you guessed it, the Mystery Gifts option. From here, you have two options:

  • Get Via Internet will connect to the internet via the WiFi your Nintendo Switch is connected to and search for any online events. If there’s one available, it’ll be downloaded to your machine. This is how most events are unlocked going forwards.
  • Get via Code/Password is a more traditional method of Mystery Gift delivery, where you can enter a promotional code obtained from elsewhere to get access to items and the like. 

As soon as you’ve redeemed in either method, the give-away items will be in your inventory or Pokémon line-up immediately. It’s really that simple.

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