Payday 2 Dodge Build

Payday 2 is a helpful first-individual shooter computer game created by Overkill Software and distributed by 505 Games. The game is a spin-off of 2011’s Payday: The Heist. It was delivered in August 2013 for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. So get Payday 2 Dodge Build at the present time and appreciate it.


Payday 2 Dodge Build

Primary Weapon:GL40 grenade launcher

  • Pirate barrel
  • Concealment boost
  • Sawed-off stock

Secondary Weapon:Micro uzi SMG

Payday 2 Dodge Build
  • Custom barrel
  • Maki suppressor
  • Accuracy boost
  • Micro laser
  • No stock

Throwable:Molotov(to block enemy when you are in trouble)
Melee:Buzzer(or any melee weapon you want to use)
Perk Deck:Rogue(Of course)
Armor:Two-piece suit(You are using ROGUE!)
Equipment:First aid kit(for 0 downs…yeah)

Character:Jiro(DOZZA TOUSI DAZE)

Payday 2 Dodge Build



  • Uppers:Ace(Basic is still ok)
Payday 2 Dodge Build


  • Resilience:Ace(Basic if you think you can dodge flashbangs)
Payday 2 Dodge Build


  • Lock n’ Load:Ace(Faster reload,and for the most important,hip-fire when you are sprinting)
  • Surefire:Ace(+15 bullets and pierce through enemy body armor)
  • Body Expertise:Ace(You can’t headshot while sprinting ffs.if you think you can,then you don’t have to use this skill)
Payday 2 Dodge Build

Ghost(The most important)

  • Duck and Cover:Ace(Run faster and get 10 dodge while sprinting)
  • Parkour:Ace(Run faster and reload while sprinting)
  • Dire Need:Ace(Safety first)/Shockproof:Ace(If you can’t deal with tasers)
  • Sneaky Bastard:Basic(10 dodge,hell yeah)
  • Optical Illusions:Ace(For concealment)
  • The Professional:Ace(8 stability and 12 accuracy.You are using silenced weapons,after all)
  • Low Blow:Basic(30 crit.why not)
  • Unseen Strike:Ace(35 have 75 dodge so don’t worry about losing armor/health)
Payday 2 Dodge Build

You don’t need Swan Song.It’s totally useless…well,for the 0 downs.

Payday 2 Dodge Build


Crew Boosts
Distractor(+5 dodge)


Payday 2 Dodge Build

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