Which Technologies countries are using to fight Coronavirus

Today the whole world is fighting with an enemy whom they can not see, and the fight becomes more dangerous when you can not see your enemy. More than 31 lakh people have been infected with Coronavirus and more than 2 lakh people have died because of coronavirus till now. And the whole world is … Read more

Best Entertainment Apps Of 2020

We all are in our homes for a long time and we all know the reason which is Coronavirus and because of that we also suggest to maintain social distancing. But we always need something to keep us entertained and technology did a great thing here by providing us with some great mobile applications which … Read more

Interesting Business Model Of PUBG

PUBG or PlyerUnknown BattleGrounds a.k.a is a very popular game in the whole world from the last 2 years. The business model of PUBG or PUBG Business Model is smart and they earned revenue by understanding the trends at the right time. WHAT IS PUBG GAME? PUBG is a very popular multiplayer battle game and … Read more