OGInstagram Download Latest Version Anti-Ban 2020

Instagram is one of the best photo-sharing apps in 2020 with millions of daily active users. As we all know Instagram is a photo and video sharing application own by Facebook. Also, Instagram is also the best platform to build your personal brand.

OGInstagram Apk is a replica of the Original app but this application provides some additional features as compared to official Instagram. Some people also know this app as an ogintagram that is similar app no difference at all.

OGInstagram Apk Overview

full name is OG Instagram ApkIt was developed by OG Insta Team
Location of the deviceIts version is 10.14.0
Its size is 25 MBs onlyWIFI Connection is recommended
It was last updated a day agoExternal Storage Access

Features Of OGInstagram Apk

OGInstagram APK file free download

OGInstagram APK offers many features to its users as compared to original app. By using this app you can enjoy many amazing features let’s discuss some interesting feature of OGInstagram.

Operate Multiple Account

This application provides a feature to use multiple account support. You can easily use 2 accounts or log in with 2 different accounts at a once.

If you are log in two accounts then OGInstagram will give you notification of both accounts.

There is no need to remove your previous account to log in another one. You can use your multiple accounts simultaneously with the help of OGInstagram APK.

Downloading Feature

This feature of OGInstagram is amazing and helpful to many users. As we all know official Instagram doesn’t allow it’s users to download any media such as Images, Video, GIF, Story directly from the app.

While in case of Instagram modified version OGInstagram APK allows it’s users to download all types of media that include video, images, GIF, boomerangs and anything else from the app to your gallery.

You can share links of images, video, gif and your story with your friends and they can quickly access the media share by you.

With the help of this feature you can connect with your other friends those are not on Instagram and brings on this platform.

Inbuilt Follow Indicator

OGInstagram Apk has a feature to let their user know about who is following and un-follow him. This app gives you a notification if someone is following you or unfollow your account. This amazing feature is not available in official Instagram.

This is the best feature in this app to know about your follower’s interest also.

View Profile Image

OGInstagram Apk has a feature that makes your access to see the zoom profile picture. This feature is not available in original Instagram or some time it’s irritating to recognise a person who has a private account and unable to see the profile picture.

So, this feature is helpful to recognise the person who is started following you before accepting the request or follow back.

Access Of IGTV

You can upload the lengthy videos on Oficial Instagram with the help of IGTV but you can’t download the video directly from the app.

OG Instagram APK gives you a feature to download IGTV video directly from the app. You can easily download the whole IGTV video with the help of this application.

Language Problem Solve Here

OGIntagram APK makes your conversation easy with the feature of Auto-Translation. This app allows user to translate the text message that receives in your personal chats. This feature is not available in the official application.

You can translate caption in official application but to the translation of the chat, the message is not available in official one.

The Auto Play Sound Of The Video

Sometimes we have to click on the audio icon on the video to play sound in official Instagram. But OGInstagram is designed in the way with the feature of autoplay of sound without a click on the icon.

This is a better function because sometimes when users upload a short video with the sound they have to write on caption like please sound on etc. This feature is amazing, we personally think that official Instagram should introduce this feature.

Share post To Facebook

OGInstagram helps to connect your Instagram account with Facebook and with the help of this function you can share a post from Instagram to your Facebook account.

This is a splendid app and also save your time to create a new post for Facebook also. With the help of this application, you can share your post on two different platforms by just a single click.

Easy To Download Story

Many time you see the story of other users on Instagram and want to repost on your story by download the story but it is not possible on the official app.

OGInstagram gives you a feature to download the story of different users directly without installing any other app. Also, you can copy the written status and repost on your story.

Multi-language Support

As we all know social media connect people around the world and language is matter when we communicate.

OG Instagram apk gives you a function of multi-language support that helps users to communicate easily without any language difficulty.

That is a really amazing function of the app that connect as and help to make new friends.

Bio And Captions

OGInstagram also gives a facility to copy the bios and captions of other users and paste that anywhere. This application has an option of clipboard that helps to copy written bios, captions and status and use that you want to use it.

How To download and Install OGInstagram Apk Latest Version 2020

Download OGInstagram APK

As we already discussed above this application is a modified version of the original app. That’s why this application is not available on play store. But you can download the latest version of OGInstagram apk file from the internet.

Here are some steps to follow for download OGInstagram apk:

Before downloading OGInstagram apk file you must go to setting and allows the required permission of the unknown sources. Because this application belongs to the third party.

Now, connect your device with the internet and click on the button given below to go OG Instagram Download Page.

After the download is complete enabling the permission to install and click on the installation icon.

When the installation is completed create your account and you can also log in with our previous account.

Note: Please Don’t Escape Steps To Download ogintagram App.

Is OGInstagram APK is legal or illegal?

This application is a 3rd party app same as FMwhatsapp and this is not available on play store. But the feature of this app is safe to use in all types of devices.

From where can I download OGInstagram?

You can download OG Instagram apk from the button given above.

Can OG Instagram APK difficult to use as compare to Original app?

No, this app is not difficult to use you can use this app easily because the app has a similar User interference as original Instagram.

This application is user friendly you can understand the all function of this app easily.

What is the latest feature of OGInstagram Apk?

The best thing is that if you are using this application of original at the same time so, you will not ban by the original app. You can enjoy the all latest feature mention above.

Final Word On OGInstagram

OGInstagram is the best user-friendly application with some unique feature that is not available in the original application.

With this help of this application, you can load different filters, make calls to your friends and family, edit your images in a better way, share media with your friends and many more.

This application is a third-party app and you don’t need to worry about this application save your device from all types of malware but you should use this application as a second choice.

Apart from this, you don’t need to be confused between OG Instagram or ogintagram some people search as an of Instagram but the app is the same. So, download ogintagram and enjoy the app.

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