Mitron App Download Suspended From The Google Play Store

Mitron app that is said to be a clone of china’s app TikTok and instantly gathered more than 5 million downloads from google play store has now been suspended from google play store.

As we know a social media war between TikTok v/s youtube keeps attention on Mitron app. Many people believing that Mitron app is made by IIT student. Google suspended the Mitron app for violating its spam and minimum functionality policy.

Play Store has a policy that copying content from other social media platform or from any other apps without making any changes or put any originality comes under the violation.

Google policy said that they don’t allow any app that merely provides the same user experience that already available on other apps. Apps should provide original content to their users.

Is Mitron App Is Indian?

If we talk about the true origin of Mitron App than it was found that Mirton app whole sourcecode was bought from Pakistani software developed company Qboxus, for only approx Rs. 2,600 that is said by the CEO of this company to News 18.

Mitron App has raised a lot of publicity when some social media wars between TikTok v/s youtube and after Indian government request Indian people to purchase local products and services.

This causes a rating of TikTok also goes down on Google play store up to 1.2. This period was very challenging for the TikTok.

If the this app was fitted under the policy of Google Play Store than it was a great chance for the application to instant popular in India.

Conclusion: We are requesting to all that if you are going to download any application then first read the term and condition policy because many apps can spy on you and steal your all data.

I have seen many people download the modded version of WhatsApp like Gb WhatsApp, aero WhatsApp, Gb Instagram so before downloading this application must read the pros and cons of this application.

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