Koikatu Cards Download, Install | Koikatsu Party Guide

You can easily download and install lots of Koikatu cards from the sites we have mention below. You can follow the path to get it successfully:-

Biggest Gallery: https://illusioncards.booru.org/index.php

  • First you need to Enter Koikatsu or Koikatsu Party in the search box.
  • After that you need to click on search and find out the biggest gallery.

We also have an alternative site and that is: https://kenzato.uk/booru/search/images/?q=koikatsu

If you want to get Koikatu Cards from this platform then you need to follow the given path:-

  • First, you need to enter Koikatsu in the search box.
  • Now click on search ad find out another HQ gallery.

How to download and installl Koikatsu Party or Koikatsu Cards?

Koikatsu Party is pretty a popular recreation wherein you may create your own anime characters. A lot of game enthusiasts play this Adult only recreation on their gaming platform. In this game, you may additionally download Koikatsu Cards in case you do not need to create them. If you do no longer know how you could download and use Koikatsu Party cards, you’ll need to comply with a few simple steps.

Steps to download cards

  • Click right
  • Save image as
  • Save

Steps to install cards

  • Copy and paste the image in the UserData 
  •  Chara 
  • Female or Male Folders

Koikatsu Party Tutorial special patch and HF + uncensor

In end, we hope that you have got whole the information about the downloading manual of Koikatsu Cards, how you could use them in the game, and much extra. If you have any doubts or queries related to these cards, you can ask us inside the comment segment. We are right here that will help you in solving all of your questions and doubts.

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