Interesting Business Model Of PUBG

PUBG or PlyerUnknown BattleGrounds a.k.a is a very popular game in the whole world from the last 2 years. The business model of PUBG or PUBG Business Model is smart and they earned revenue by understanding the trends at the right time.


PUBG is a very popular multiplayer battle game and very popular nowadays.

In this game, you can play with your friend from any corner of the world with the help of PUBG mobile app in the squad of 4 members. 

Apart from this, you can play dual and solo also.

In this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game players drop onto an island and player have to fight at the last one left standing. 

There are currently several maps in PUBG like Erangel a Russian Map, Miramar Map, Sanhok Map, Vikendi Map, Erangel (Remastered), Karakin (Map 5), Vikendi (Season 7) Overhaul.  

In this battleground, games load up with a total of 100 number of players in a single battle. Before understanding Pubg business model let’s understand how Pubg started.


The man behind this iconic game is Brendan Greene, who is the lead designer of PUBG game. Brendan Greene is also known as Player Unknown on the online stage. He was an Irish photographer, graphic designer and web designer. 

He was living in Brazil for his work and he used to play games from starting. I used to play Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and America’s Army game. 

One day he is playing Dayz game and decided to make his career in the gaming industry. Apart from this a Japanese film Battle Royale if also inspired him. 

Then he started to learn Programming and find out mistakes in other games. He also changed the mistakes of those games.

Brendan Greene wanted to develop a game that attracts players to play that game anytime and not get bored.

 Seeing such dedication Sony online entertainment included Brendan Greene as a consultant for an H1Z1 game. 

After completing this project he said goodbye to Sony. After that Brendan met with Chang Han Kim, his thinking was similar to Brendan Greene.

Chang Han Kim had a game developing company in South Korea. Chan was also thinking to develop a battle royale game. 

When he was researching for developing this game then he finds out Brendan. Chan Han Kim called him South Korea and shared his idea to develop the game.

Both were agreed and decided to develop the game in 1 year.

They started to develop this game with 35 developers but when realised that they should hire more developer then they hired 35 more.

On March 2017 they launched early access data programme and this was loved by gamers a lot. 

After finding out some error in the game they launched PUBG game on 20 December 2017 for all. Further, they launched for android and IOS in February 2018.  

when this game was launched every game lover liked this and became a world’s lovable game ever.

 With the excellent Pubg business model, PUBG has become one of the best selling of all time game in a few months. 

PUBG also received many awards like a best multiplayer game, PC game of the year, esports game of the year, action game of the year, the trending game of the year and many more awards.


business model of pubg

As we already discussed above what is a PUBG game?

Every gaming apps company are earning by their effective business model but the business model of PUBG is very smart and unique to generate more revenue as compared to other gaming apps with the help of well-drafted Pubg revenue model.  

How does PUBG earn?

As we all know this game is very interesting and you can earn and buy stuff like armour, costume, weapons and many other things that you want to play the game. 

At present PUBG has more than 30 million plush active users daily. Let’s take an instance of how PUBG earn from costumes and all. If out of 30 million plus 0.6 million players buy a gun skin that priced for 5 dollars. 

Then the daily revenue of PUBG will be around 3 million dollars now you should have understood this PUBG mobile earning concept.

Apart from this royal passes or seasonal passes usually apply to play action games. 

This is a big source of earning for PUBG apart from this there are some other media of earning which are as follow:

Advertising and sponsorship

pubg business model

This is a very effecting source for promoting other product on services with the help of the game and Pubg business model included this strategy for generating or give more strength to Pubg revenue model.

We have also discussed the business model of Dream11 in our previous article how they earn by featuring other games on their app.

 If we talk about the PUBG mobile app then PUBG many big companies sponsor PUBG hames for promotion of there product and services. 

For instance, Oppo has sponsored PUBG lot many times to advertise Oppo’s latest mobile phone with the help of different costumes available in PUBG mobile. 

Not Free For All Platforms

As we know PUBG is free to play for android users but not to free on each platform.

If we talk about another platform like PC or XBOX and iPhone or any other they need to be purchased PUBG.

This strategy or business model of PUBG grabbed the opportunity to gain more popularity in the gaming industry.

Hosting Of Tournament

pubg tournament

If you are PUBG lover then you have also heard about the various tournament of PUBG like PUBGs Star Challenge, World Electronic Sports Games 2016, Grand PUBG tournament, PUBG Mobile Hero Cup and many more. 

And this tournament organised by the many big companies and help to make a profit with the help of organising this tournament.

This is also a good source of revenue for PUBG mobile app.


pubg case study

1. Brought People Together

PUBG is an example to brought people together with live text and voice chat during the battle of the game.

 Sometimes You can find out new friends also from PUBG mobile game. And this is an advantage for PUBG for success it feels like a real game.

2. Connect With Realistic Game-play

The success of PUBG also depends on its realistic gameplay. 

Here user relates themselves with the characters and all the control on your hand you can jump, run, swim, drive a car, hide, make a strategy to win and many more that depends on your mind and hand.

 Apart from this game also connects with reality by using properties like residential, apartments, warehouse, trees, sound, farms and many more that connect to a realistic environment. 

This game is virtual but it’s environment also connect with reality and science. For instance law of physics like gravity and many more.

3. Engagement With Users

As we know engagement with your targeted audience is very necessary for every sector. 

The business model of PUBG always tries to focus on engagement with its users. 

Why “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” tagline is very famous in PUBG mobile game?

Because this is an engagement element for PUBG users and the goal of the users to win it. 

4. Creativity In PUBG Game

As we know the creativity mention in this game by creative director Brendan Greene is mindblowing. 

The Battle Royle concept is not firstly used by Brendan but his creativity makes more creative than other games.

 My friend is playing for about 1 year but till now he doesn’t get bored with the game.

He told me that PUBG’s placement in the map, different weather condition, updating accessories, realistic sounds everything is amazing that never get bore to me. 

5. Always Updating And Improving

They always focus on the improvement of the PUBG game and always find out bugs and fix it. They also focus on updating accessories and the new map that helps to get more engagement.


pubg revenue model

PUBG has earned more than $1 billion money by selling its desktop version only and if we talk about the other their revenue-generating accessary we have mentioned above how they earn. 

In 2018, PUBG has made around $ 1 billion. and PUBG also received best selling gaming titles of the year for making that much money.

According to Sensor Tower PUBG, revenue was the highest-grossing in January 2020.

And Tencent’s has generated $176.3 Million that is 4 times as compared to revenue generated in January 2019.

Conclusion:  The business model of PUBG is best for earning via different sources.

Pubg business model teaches us many things but the best things are that if you are going to open your startup then first take a deep dive in your concept.

And then understand, learn, take suggestions, collaboration and apply. Pubg business model rapid growth and success is possible by effective marketing strategy, focus on relevant trends, live streaming etc.

What do you think about the Business model of Pubg tell us in the comment box.

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