How to update Among Us on PC, Android, iPhone or iPad, and Bluestacks

Developers recently updated the game, so if you want to know how to update among us on PC and mobile, You can do it easily. Below are the brief details on how to update this. Among Us started branching out into other gaming platforms and grew rapidly in its player base. The developers also had a hard time keeping their servers running because they didn’t expect to attract enough players to crash the servers. Among Us has been your gateway to gaming, the update process can seem more daunting than expected.

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Process On How To Update Among Us On PC:

  • First go to your library and search among us.
  • Right-click on Among Us and choose Properties.
  • Navigate to the Updates tab and enable “Always keep this game updated”.
  • This will automatically update whenever there is a patch.
  • A blue text saying an update is ready will appear among us if there is a new available update, and Steam will automatically send you to the download page if you try to launch the game when the patch is missing.
  • The tab allows you to start the downloading process, but Steam will automatically update it for you if you run the game via a desktop shortcut.

Process To Update Among Us On Android :

  • Simply go to the App Store on Android or iOS and search among us and tap on game
  • Once you are on the page of the app, go ahead and download the update shown there.
  • If the automatic download option is turned on in your settings, your game will be up to date by default

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Process To Update Among Us On iPhone or iPad :

  • First launch App Store.
  • Click on your profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to see pending updates.
  • You can also take a look at the release notes on this tab and learn more about the update as it starts downloading.

Process On How To Update Among Us On Bluestacks :

  • Open the Play Store app in Bluestacks and look for ‘Among Us’
  • Once you are on its store page, tap on the Update button to bring the game to the latest version
  • Download the update and keep enjoying the game

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