Minecraft: How To Turn Off the Narrator In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest games of all time in the world. Minecraft, Over 200 million units sold worldwide and it is the best-selling video game. Britain was mapped using 22 million blocks in the game. It was a world record, and many more have been broken with this sport.

You are all too familiar with the Narrator text in Chatbox. If you have ever found this type of case, You might have found this helpful before, But it gets to the point where you don’t need to distract from that voice. Then you will think about how to turn off the narrator in Minecraft?

Do you want to know how to turn off the narrator in Minecraft with the help of these three settings then below we have mentioned the complete process so make sure you read the process to turn off the narrator. You can choose any to customize exactly what the narrator reads out according to your need. Below are the Minecraft settings:-

  • System: With this system setting, the narrator will only read the system messages. When you do something in the game, then appear these are the notifications and other command outputs. This does not include all messages written by other players.
  • Chat : Narrator’s chat setting is helpful when you’re playing with other people. This will read the messages that these other players send to chat when this is on. It will not read any system messages for you.
  • All: This will ensure that you don’t miss a single thing you enter into the chatbox, be it from another player or a notification from the system.
  • Off: This will prevent him from reading anything.

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There are two ways to disable narrator in Minecraft :

1 – When the person playing Minecraft on PC, You can close Minecraft Narrator is to simultaneously press the two keys to activate the Minecraft Narrator command, which is “CTRL” and “B”.This will not immediately turn off the narrator. This will toggle you through the various settings as mentioned in the previous section. Nevertheless, through this, you can eventually toggle it to an off state. There will be a small window telling you which state you are currently in. Just press it until you see “Narrator Disabled”.

2- When the person playing Minecraft on any other platform, Open the game, then click on the Settings option. On the left, possibly at the top, there should be an “Accessibility” tab, So click on the Accessibility Settings. On the right, Enable UI Screen Reader options should be there, which is enabled if dealing with the narrator’s jabber. Then switch off.

Steps on How To Turn Off the Narrator In Minecraft:

  • When the person playing Minecraft on PC, You have to press “CTRL” + “B” to toggle through the different Minecraft narrator settings.
  • When the person playing Minecraft on any other platform, You have go to Settings first and then on the left side, press the “Accessibility” tab. Enable the setting that says Enable UI Screen Reader. It’s now on if the switch beside it should be green.

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