How To Spawn A Warden In Minecraft

The warden is a much-awaited enemy in Minecraft and many players can’t wait to face this hostile horde while playing. To get the Warden in Minecraft, unfortunately, players will have to wait a bit longer because this mob won’t be available in update 1.18 (Caves And Cliffs Part 2). This is because the scope of work and time constraints for 1.18 increased and the devs decided to postpone the warden. It hasn’t been completely removed.

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When Is The Warden Mob Coming To Minecraft?

In 2022, players will be encountering the warden in Minecraft 1.19 the wild update. The exact date has not been released yet of the wild. And also it is not known whether it will release in mid or end of 2022, So unfortunately players have to wait for an update.

Where To Find The Warden?

In the wild (Minecraft 1.19), you can able to find wardens in deep underground areas/caves in deep dark biomes. Since the area will be dark, it can find you from anywhere and you have to be very alert. When it is near, the surrounding light sources will twinkle which will give you an indication of its presence.

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Who Is The Warden?

The Warden mob is a blind mob and it will use sensors like Skulk to “sense” the player’s vibrations. So, The players will need new techniques and strategies to fight this enemy which is very powerful. Mostly, players are not supposed to fight with it, it’s just to scare the beezies out of you. Even it can kill you because it’s so OP, or even if you’re wearing netherite armor.

Anything less, and you’ll die in an attack. But, if players decide to attack it, they will know that you are there and locked up and will not leave even if you try to make other sounds. It gets even faster at this point. And finally, the more you attack, the more powerful it becomes.

If the goal of the devs was to intimidate the players, they have succeeded. You can choose to use arrows or other projectiles to sneak around the warden or confuse it. If there is a sound attached to your projectile, the warden will gravitate towards it. So, the great strategy to escape the warden horde in Minecraft is to use snowballs or shoot arrows away from you, which will move it towards that location and then you need to run in the opposite direction to save your life.

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