How To Make Netherite Armor In Minecraft

Netherite will now be the best armor, weapons, and tools in the game. Netherite has been added officially to the game in the 1.16 patch. This gives players the ability to create armor stronger than Diamond for the first time. While you will still need some Diamond Armor to craft Netherite, this will still be a very important upgrade and well worth going to the Underworld to get!

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How to Find Netherite?

You don’t really find netherite in the wild. You will need to locate a very rare ore called Ancient Wreck. It is only found in the Nether, so you have to build a Nether Portal and be prepared to fight the evil that lives in the area. Once you reach the Nether, you will have to go to its lower levels like you do for Diamond.

Ancient debris in bedrock should begin to arise around Y level 30, but the best places to cultivate it are at Y levels 8 to 17. In Java, it appears that the spawn rate is not as good as Bedrock, and the best places to get it are at Y levels 12 to 17. You can check your current level on Java by pressing F3 on your keyboard and looking for the XYZ listing. If you’re on Bedrock, be sure to enable the “Show coordinates” option in your settings. These are the areas where you should focus on farming, as they have the highest spawns density.

You’ll recognize the ancient rubble by its brown color and spiral-like design at the top. You can only mine it with a diamond or netherite pickaxe, you won’t get anything if you try to use something else.

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How to Craft Netherite Armor?

  • Now that you have some ancient debris, you can bring it to a furnace and smelt it using any fuel you want to make netherite scrap. Each ancient rubble you smelt will give you 1x netherite scrap. You will need at least four of these to make a Nether ingot. You may want to use a blast furnace as this process can take some time.
  • Now you will need four Gold Ingots along with them to craft a Netherite Ingot. Throw them into your Crafting Table to create the ingot.
  • Then you will need to previously have a Diamond piece of whatever armor you want to create. Netherite is technically a Diamond upgrade, you won’t be crafting a separate item. Place the Diamond Piece with the Netherite Ingot in your Smithing Table and it will be upgraded to the Netherite version.
  • You used to lose any enchantments that were previously on armor or weapons, but that’s no longer the case when you use the Smithing Table.

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