How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft With Soul Sand

In Minecraft transportation is very essential. There are two main different types of transportation. The first one is horizontal transportation with horses or minecart systems, and the second is vertical transportation with elevators.

There are many different types of ways to make elevators out of red stone, but there is only one true way to make it out of water. Here we are going to share some important items will you need to create a water elevator using soul sand in Minecraft.

Please follow the below steps to make a water elevator. Your elevator can go as long as you want it to. Due to the soul sand and the magma block being at the bottom, you won’t drown in it. Feel free to make it as tall as you would like.

Required items for creating water elevator in Minecraft:

  • Glass
  • Water Bucket
  • Door
  • Kelp
  • Soul Sand (for going up): Found in the Nether region, it is required to help you move upwards in the elevator.
  • Magma Block (for going down): Found in the Nether region, it is required to help you move downwards in the elevator.

Steps On How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft With Soul Sand

  • The first thing you need to do before you build your water elevator is assemble your glass.
  • Now that you have your glass, you’re going to want to have a bucket of water. Just make a bucket and collect water in it.
  • When you’re in the water, dive in. This is where you will find seaweed if the body of water is an ocean.
  • And then, go down. This is where you’ll find the spirit sand and magma blocks you’ll need. These two blocks will appear anywhere in the nether, so just go and find them.
  • Now that you have gathered all the materials, the first thing you want to do when building a water lift is to build your glass enclosure. For this you need to have a hollow block in the middle of the four pillars that you need to make. It can be as high as you want, depending on how far you have to travel from your elevator. Make sure you leave a two-block long hole on either side of the column. This is where you enter your elevator.
  • Then, go to your elevator. When your back is towards the elevator, keep your door open. This will prevent water flow from seeping out of the elevator.
  • After that fill the elevator with water from your water bucket from the top block. This will cause water to flow between the glass blocks of your elevator. The problem with this method is that each water block has to be a source block. Kelp is the way to fix it.And then fill your water with kelp.
  • Replace the block just below the elevator with a soul sand or magma block.
  • Replacing the bottom block with a magma block will cause the elevator to pull you down.

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