How To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft

By the looks of Minecraft, people may assume that it is a simple and “a game for kids”, when in fact, It is a game that encourages creativity and complex solutions. This guide will help you with the steps on how to make a bubble or water elevator in Minecraft. By this article, you will be able to transport yourself vertically and earn those bragging rights amongst your friends.

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How To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft

Bubble elevator and water elevator are interchangeable terms used in the Minecraft community. We have listed here the components or elements that you need to make manually to make an elevator in Minecraft.

We have listed here the components or elements that you need to make manually in order to create an elevator in Minecraft. Players can’t quickly create pre-built elevators, and they have to design bubble or water elevators from scratch by making the parts listed below.

  • Water bucket
  • Any block to build columns (Use Glass for aesthetics)
  • Door
  • Kelp
  • Soul Sand (for going up)
  • Magma Block (for going down)

Follow the steps below to complete the elevator:

  • To build the walls of your elevator, you can use any type of block. We used glass for ourselves to make it easier to see the process.
  • Place and build a ring around an empty two-by-two block section. You can make your lift as tall as you want, even up to the height of the build.
  • Now make the Base. While making a base there are two parts. First, you need to build an archway on one side of the lift that is two blocks wider than two blocks. place signs on the outside of the archway, These signs are used to hold in the water that you’ll be placing in Step Three. You’ll need four signs total. And secondly, It requires you to place the Magma Blocks and Soul Sand. At the very bottom of the water elevator, place two Soul Sand blocks on one side, and two Magma Blocks on the other. This will allow for seamless shifting between going up or down the elevator. Still, if you want your elevator to look a little neater, you can separate these two sections.
  • Then you need a lot of water source blocks for this step. Along with the magma block and soul sand, take two buckets of water. Place one of the four blocks at the base, and place the other bucket of water on the block in the opposite corner. This will create an infinite water supply so you can collect water for the next level. From here, you’ll need to repeat the steps above for each level of your water elevator. This is because bubbles created by sol sand and magma blocks only act on water source blocks, not running water.

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Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have a basic working bubble elevator in Minecraft. You can edit the blocks around it as you want to make the elevator more aesthetically pleasing. However, you always need magma blocks and soul sands at the bottom of the lift. You should also always have a water source block on the level.

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