How To Join The Mafia In Bitlife

In BitLife players can experience different aspects of life in a virtual world. Depending on the choices you make, you either become a role model who believes in setting a good example for those around you or you plunge into the world of crime and scare your parents, The game actually allows you to become a special criminal and get your own mob family, If the latter interests you.

Mafia is a thick group of individuals who work together to commit various crimes and illegal activities and earn a good amount of profit. In BitLife, joining the mafia can be a bit daunting for some, especially if you have trouble escaping from the police. But you still want to know how to join the mafia in Bitlife you follow the below process.

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Here Are The Steps On How To join The Mafia In Bitlife

  • You want to make sure your character is at least 18 When you’re ready to join the mafia. Before they turn 18, we recommend committing at least five crimes before they’re older. When these crimes are under the age of 18 it is much easier to deal with the consequences of being caught, and your character is less likely to be sent to prison.
  • Under Occupations, click on the ‘special careers’ option. Here, you will see a number of specialized careers that you can choose to pursue.
  • Then click on ‘organized crime’ to view all the available mafia families in the game. There are currently six mafia families in the game which include:

The Irish Mob
The Latin Mafia
The Mafia
The Russian Mob
The Triad
The Yakuza

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  • Now you can choose to join any of the mob families, however, You will be selected only if they consider you to be a valuable member of their team. In most cases, if you do not have a solid criminal background, you will be dismissed. To prove yourself, you must have considered engaging in crimes such as stealing from an early age. As you get older, you can rob a bank, which will greatly improve your chances of being picked up by any mob family in the game. You can also escape from Bitlife’s prison to develop a reputation among mafia bosses.
  • However, if you get caught committing petty crimes and fail to make a big name as a criminal, you can start a new life and go through the process all over again. Once you are selected, you will be tasked to complete various crimes on a regular basis.

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