How To Get Mods On Google Snake?

Do you want to know “How To Get Mods On Google Snake?” if yes then you are in the right place. Here we are going to guide you to get mods on Google Snake so, be with us till the end.

As we know the there are lot’s of variations of the Snake games but Google Snake Game is one of the top games if we talk about the best Unlocked Snake Game list. If you are a smart player of the game then definitely want some new features so, there is a Menu Mod that will unlock some exciting features for you. So, without any delay let’s know How to get Google Snake Menu Mods.

How To Get Mods On Google Snake

Here, we are going to share the full steps to get mods on Google Snake:

  • First you need to go at GitHub
  • After reaching at the destination, you need to download “MoreMenu.html” file
  • Then, you need to import HTML page back into your browser
  • On you browser you need to click on the “Customize and control” (Three vertical dots button on the top right side)
  • Then click on it to get drop-down menu
  • Hover your mouse cursore on the Bookmark option
  • Then click on the “Bookmark Manager”
  • Now, Bookmarks menu page will open
  • Click on the “Organize” option
  • Then select “Import Bookmarks”
  • Now, a new window will open
  • You need to find “MoreMenu.html” file that you have downloded
  • Then click on the “Open” button at the lower right of the new window
  • After that a new “Imported” folder will be created at your Bookmarks bar
  • Then you need to close the Bookmark Mnager Tab and open a new tab
  • Search on Google for “Google snake game”
  • Then game will show on google page
  • You need to click on the play button
  • Make attension that before you click on the second “Play” button, there’s one more step to do
  • Click on the three vertical dot icon
  • Then go to “Bookmarks”
  • Go to “Imported” option
  • Click on “More Menu Stuff”
  • Now you can easily click on the gear icon in the Snake Game
  • Congratulation you have got the Mods On Google Snake

You can also follow the steps given in the video mention below to get Mods On Google Snake

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