How To Get Into Business School In Bitlife

You will need to go to Business School In Bitlife, If you want to live a successful and want to get a specific high-level corporate job such as CEO or Vice President, Just like in the real world, studying is a necessary part of getting a good job – unless you want to be a YouTuber or a game journalist.

There are eight different schools in BitLife and each of them has a different requirement you have to meet during childhood to get into them.

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Following are the BitLife all 8 Schools as follows:

  • Business School: Study Mathematics or another business-related subject.
  • Dental School: Increase your smarts and study a science.
  • Graduate School: Study a core subject like English, Psychology, or Mathematics.
  • Law School: Study hard as a kid, increase your smarts, and study History, English, or Political Science.
  • Medical School: Same as Law School except you need to study Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
  • Nursing School: Study Nursing.
  • Pharmaceutical School: Study a science at university.
  • Veterinary School: Get a degree in a scientific subject.

How to enroll in Business School In Bitlife ?

To go to Business School, First, you will need to have high smarts and study hard while you are in high school and graduate from university with a degree in at least mathematics or something similar. If you want to do this, we recommend using an option called hard to study under the school, while reading a lot of books and visiting the public library.

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It would also be worth creating a character with already high smarts for the best possible outcome. If you want to create a character with higher smarts, keep creating new characters until you find a character with higher stats. However it is not required, just at least 30 to 48 are smart and you will be able to increase it to 100 just by reading books.

Once you get one with relatively high stats, just keep studying until you graduate high school; After this point, you’ll need to apply to a university in mathematics or something similar. If you are highly intelligent, this will not be a problem; Just apply for a scholarship, and you should get one, and after a few years, you’ll get your degree.

When you graduate from the university, you will get an option to seek higher education, and if you want you can apply for a scholarship again. You can find this under education.

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