How To Become A Billionaire In Bitlife

If you are eager to become a Billionaire in BitLife, But becoming a billionaire is a tricky process. Well, you don’t need to worry because we have got some tips for you. You have to just follow the given steps properly. All you have to do is increase your popularity among others, buy properties, and live longer.

That means, it is easier to become a billionaire in Bitlife than in real life because you can try as often as you can. There is no job you can count on to become a billionaire at BitLife. You just need to choose a glamorous career and invest smartly.

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Becoming an actor is a lucrative option. In this way, you can earn money from movies, advertisements, social media, etc. And you can invest in real estate. Once you have earned enough money through acting, start buying different types of properties. This way, you can live in luxury once you retire.

Some tips on how to become a Billionaire in Bitlife :

Tip 1: First, To make a career in acting is a little easier. You just need to get a character that is high in appearance. You might want to maintain these looks by going to the gym, treating yourself to the spa, and doing all of that in ‘mind and body. After that finished high school and try to find a job as a voiceover actor.

Try to get this job as soon as possible if this option does not appear immediately, one year of age. Once you’re a voiceover actor, work hard once or twice a year. You will be promoted to actor and then eventually to lead actor.

At this point, you should leave the current company and look for a new job to get a higher salary. You’ll want to work towards maintaining it. You can do this by posting on social media. If your fame bar is above 90, you start getting ads. And also make sure you maintain your looks at 90+. You can opt for botox as you age.

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Tip 2: When you earned more than 30,00,000 in the bank, or so, you should start buying properties. Keep in mind that buying more than one property every year is mandatory. Following the given steps may help you make $100,000,000 easily. After having too much cash in your account, keep your focus on buying expansive properties. Until you reach your goal, keep doing the said things:

  • Go to Gym to keep your health at 100% each year
  • Sign contracts to do commercials
  • Sell products on Social Media
  • Join talk shows to increase your fame
  • Work hard as a Voiceover actor to get promoted to Actor
  • Keep Your Looks above 90%

Keep doing this until you reach a billion net worth.

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