How To Add Groovy To Discord – Groovy Bot, Guide, Features, Commands

Love to listen to music and also want to play music on your discord server but don’t know how to do that then don’t worry in this guide you will get to know how to play music on your discord server, and how to add Groovy to Discord server to play music smoothly on your discord server platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud.

Technology has provided us with so many awesome platforms to build a great community and Discord is one of them where we can build our own community but running a Discord server time and patience to grow but many times we do not have so much time to maintain each and everything.

There are so many tasks to do on a server like moderating large servers, including chat rooms, voice rooms, etc., which can be quite a demanding task. But that’s not enough you also need to keep your fellow members interested and engaged so that they won’t leave the community.

But doing all these things manually is quite impossible and that’s why we take the help of bots there are many bots available on the internet that can be helpful to you but in this article, we will share the information regarding Groovy Bot, so let’s convert your painful task into painless and simple one.

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What Is Groovy Bot?

Groove Bot is noting but command that make things earlier for you to install and run the music without and problems. It can help you play your favorite tunes on your Discord server from platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud.

With time they have upgraded themselves so that you won’t face any lag or delay in the music and get the best quality with their product. As they have made some awesome upgrades they have also added a premium product for the users with more features. like with the premium version you can play music 24×7 without adding audio effects, saving queues, and much more.

Features Of Groovy Bot

Below we have mentioned all the features of Groovy Bot which you can check to get a better understanding of the Bot.

  • You can create queues of your favourite tracks and can also create playlist and can anytime play the song, pause it and then easily resume the song and also able to skip the song.
  • Also you can play the tracks form the famous music streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.
  • Also you can choose the users only who can access the bot to play the tracka and also able to disply the track.
  • The bot works with the freemium version where you can purcahse the premium version of the application for more benefits.

Commands Of Groovy Bot

  • Play: with this command, you can play any song through the link or search query you’ve entered from Spotify or YouTube. Click Enter to start playing.
  • Shuffle: through Shuffle, you can randomize the tracks added in a queue.
  • Queue: speaking of Queue, use this command to view all the available tracks in your queue.
  • Resume: you can resume playing the track which was paused.
  • Pause: pause any song currently playing by using this command.
  • Bass boost: if you want to add more bass to the songs being played, you can boost it with this command. Inputting Reset will set the volume back to default.
  • Nightcore: this is another cool feature through which you can enable nightcore mode for a more ambiance effect and similar tracks.

How To Add Groovy To Discord?

Below we have mentioned the How To Add Groovy To Discord which you can easily follow to add Groovy to your discord.

  • The first thing you need to do is login to your Discord Server.
  • Then you have to visit the Groovy’s website.
  • There you can find an option of “Add To Discord”.
  • Allow permissions that you want to have like ‘Use Voice Activity’ etc.
  • Then simply click on ‘Authorize’
  • And at last you simply have to put the captcha and inatll the bot and enjoy your music.

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