GB Whatsapp Pro v12.00 Download Latest Version

GB Whatsapp APK is something that everyone must have in their Android or IOs phones as it provides some awesome features. You can download Gb WhatsApp easily but before this, you must read all about the app so, you can easily use all the latest features of 2021 GB Whatsapp V12.00 and also GB Whatsapp Pro v12.00 Download with some other version.

You must have heard about or used many different messaging applications but do you know anyone close to Whatsapp.

Being a very popular messaging application everyone has WhatsApp on their device but today I am going to tell you something better than that so be with me till the end of this article.

Information Of GB Whatsapp Pro v12.00

Name Of The ApplicationGbWhatsApp Apk
Version Requirement (Android)Version 4.3 and above
Latest Version (Updated)V12.00 
Downloads40+ Million
Space Requirement53.5 MB
Purpose Of The ApplicationTo provide better features to the users

GbWhatsApp is a modified form of WhatsApp where you will get many different and awesome features.

And also you do not have to pay anything to use their awesome features like using more than one account at a time, can hide blue ticks, you can set the online status, and many more that we will discuss in this article.

And in this post, I will also tell you about the downloading and installing process of GbWhatsApp on your phone/device and also the GbWhatsApp APK.

You will see many different versions of WhatsApp on the internet but only GbWhatsapp provides you the best support GB WhatsApp update v.9.00 is available for the users now and you easily download the latest GB WhatsApp update v.9.00.

GbWhatsApp APK

what is gbwhatsapp

I am sure that you must have WhatsApp on your device but there are many things that you can not do with this app.

And here is the modified version of WhatsApp that which has fantastic advanced features.

There is also OGWhatsapp which is another customized form of Whatsaap but GbWhatsapp apk has some more awesome features and one of them is you don’t need to uninstall the regular version of WhatsApp to use GbWhatsapp.

Download GbWhatsApp (Different Versions)

GB Whatsapp V12.00 gb whatsapp 8.20 download
gb whatsapp 9.5 downloadgb whatsapp 7.10 download
gb whatsaap 8.75 downloadgb whatsapp 8.0 download
gb watshopp 7.20 downloadgb watshopp 9.5 download
gb whatsapp 6.50 downloadGB Whatsapp Pro v12.00 Download

Gb WhatsApp Features


As it is one of the best versions of the regular version of Whatsapp it has some great features and I have mentioned all of them below for your better understanding.

Main Screen Notifications

Don’t you think it will be a great option if you can hide your pop-up Notifications of any application from your home screen, and with GB Whatsapp APK you will get this feature.

High-Quality Images

When you send high-quality images with the regular app it will compress your image and the charm of the image was destroyed But GB Whatsapp APK lets you send high-quality images without losing their charm.

Profile Picture Notification

This is a great feature you will get with GBWhatsapp that whenever that anyone of your friend changes their profile picture you will get a notification about that.

Recording Status

With the help of GB Whatsapp V12.00 you have the option that you can easily hide your voice recording status. This feature is really one of the best features as compared to another version of the gb watshopp.

Select Language

This language feature is one of the great features this application has, many people don’t know the languages other than their local language so it provides you with the option to select the one you understand.

Media Visibility

Sometimes some of your friends send you pictures that others should not see so we can change the media visibility of those particular contact so that those were not visible in the media.

Home Screen Chat

GBWhatsapp gives you a great feature that you can easily select all the chats from your home screen.

Convert Message Status

Many times we read some messages mistakenly that we don’t want to read so GB Whatsapp provides us with the feature that we can show that read message into the unread message.

Do Not Disturb

It feels very irritating when we are using some other applications but at that time our WhatsApp messages are kept on showing the notification.

So at that time with GB Whatsapp we can simply shut the internet for particularly that app and do the other work freely.

Message History

This app will give you the option to check the messages of the contacts and group which you have revoked.

Live Location Sharing

Many of the time we have to go somewhere or someone is reaching us in both the condition it is very important that we can share our live location to reach the place easily.

GB Whatsapps Endless Themes

It feels always great whenever we work with something which looks awesome and this app gives you awesome themes and emojis that will make your application look awesome.


When you have a message that you want to send a lot of people but sending them individually will take a lot of time so make a broadcast group and easily share the message with everyone in one shot.

Reply Automatically

GbWhatsapp APK gives you some great features and auto-reply is one of them where you can set the time to auto-reply to any of your contacts.

Messaging Capacity

With the regular application, you can only send a specific amount of images but here with GbWhatsaap, you can even send up to 90 images in a single shot.

Also, you can send audio clips of more than 100 MB and video clips of 50 MB.

Awesome Fonts

As regular application provides us with the usual fonts all the time and we will get bored out of that, but Gb Whatsapp provides us awesome fonts that you can use without paying anything extra for that.

Downloading Options

So you must have seen the pictures of your friends and family they uploaded in the status and want to save them but unfortunately don’t have that option.

But GbWhatsapp gives you the option that you can download the statuses of your contacts.

GbWhatsapp Vs Whatsapp

GbWhatsapp Vs Whatsapp
Characters Length of Status255 characters139 Characters
No. of media sharing50 MegaByte15 MegaByte
HideLast SeenYESNO
Document Sharing10030
Copy StatusYESNO
Send Blank MessageYESNO
Txt and Pdf SharingYESNO
Supported Language45130
Share Doc at one shot10030

GbWhatsapp Requirements

  1. You need to have a great internet connection.
  2. the place from where you are accessing GbWhatsapp.
  3. Your Internal and External storage accessibility.
  4. Accessibility to your media.
  5. Your Device Identity

How Do I Download GBwhatsapp?

As many people do not have any idea about how to download and install the GbWhatsapp APK, here I am mentioning the whole process for you.

Also below you can find the process of many different tasks that might help you to understand GbWhatsapp easily.

When you install GbWhatsapp you might lose your chats so below I have also mentioned how you can install Gb Whatsapp without losing your chats.

Most of the mobile devices have the default setting of only allowing the application from the Google play store.

So the first thing you have to do is go to the setting and allow installation of applications from other sources.

You can see this in the below image for a better understanding of the process.

GbWhatsapp Installation

After you have done enabling the installation of other sources now you can simply install the application from the link you have downloaded.

Gb Whatsapp APK

Now you have to open the application to enter the number, and I will recommend you to use a different number other than your permanent number.

Download GbWhatsapp

then, you will get a one-time password from GbWhatsapp to the given number and GbWhatsapp will automatically verify the code.

Gb Whatsapp APK Download

GbWhatsapp APK Installation Without Losing Chats

Now let’s see how we can install GbWhatsapp without losing our chats.

Most of the people who are about to install GbWhatsapp has already using WhatsApp on your android device

Follow the below procedure to install GbWhatsapp with all your existing chats.

So the first thing that you have to do to keep your data is, does not to open the Gb Whatsapp just after the installation.

Instead, you have to open your existing WhatsApp that you are using right now to share your data with your friends and family.

There you will get to see three dots click on those dots and a small box will open in the screen.

And there you will get the option of the new group, new broadcast, WhatsApp web, starred messages and last one setting.

Now you have to click on that setting button.

Whatsapp Setting

After you click on the setting button then you will get some options and there click on the chats options and then on Chat backup.

Whatsapp Chat Backup

Then another screen will be open in front of you and there you need to click on the Back-Up button which you can see in the image.

gb Whatsapp Chat Backup

So once the process is done then after you can open your GbWhatsapp and there you will get the option to fill and verify your number.

Verify Gb Whatsapp

after completing this process click on the copy WhatsApp data and the process of restoration of all the data will start.

GbWhatsapp Data Restoration

And the time of your restoration will depend on how much heavy data you have.

now, all your old data you can see on your GbWhatsapp Account.

Here is another great version of WhatsApp which you can use if GbWhatsapp is not properly working on your device is WhatsApp Plus.

Use GbWhatsapp On iPhone

If you see after android most no. of people use IOs and one can also use GbWhatsApp on iPhone.

But many of people don’t have any idea how they can download and use GbWhatsapp on their iPhone.

So if you also want to use GbWhatsapp in your iPhone then you can simply follow these steps.

  • open your browser on your device download the GbWhatsapp APK file for iPhone through the link below.
  • After you have done with the process of downloading GbWhatsapp APK now install that file on your device.
  • Installing the GbWhatsapp IOs file launch the application now on your device.
  • And above I have mentioned the process to use GbWhatsapp on your device without using losing your chats.
  • So by following that process, you can use the application without losing your chats and data.

GB WMassap Update

GB WhatsApp 2020 is the fastest and more convenient version of original WhatsApp available on the internet. It is developed by the GBMod named company and compatible with all the handheld devices.

Before we explain anything else about the GB WhatsApp 2020 firstly it is better to know what is MOD version?

In actual, the MOD is modified/customized versions of apps in which the users find more features and function rather than in the original application. To get all the apps with MOD versions, go to the previous posts and download AppValley Apk or Panda Helper Apk the best Modified Appstore of 2020.

In the next lines, we will be using the GBWhatsApp App. You will also learn how to get it install easily on any handheld device?

Features of GBWhatsApp 2020

GBWhatsApp is a more convenient version of WhatsApp that is coming with enhanced functions with plus features. The more loved thing about this WhatsApp is its anti-ban account facility. Once if your account is banned, take a backup and reinstall the GB WhatsApp 2020. Simply restore all the data and start the independent chat again.

Here is the list of features of GBWhatsApp Apk that you would like to know.

Dual Account: Using the GBWhatsApp 2020 user can use two WhatsApp on your Android. You have no need to uninstall the old WhatsApp to download and install it. Moreover, you also find the data backup and restore options.

Loved themes: In the GBWhatsApp Apk user can download the themes for its interface. Furthermore, for all friends, you can set different themes and chat backgrounds.

Send Large Files: By using the GBWhatsApp Apk you can share large files up-to 30MB. Not just, but you also can share 10+ files at a time to the various friends. Moreover, using this app you also can set 7 minutes+ status.

Seen Privacy: GB WhatsApp 2020 also offers various options to hide the last seen. Users also can set messages unseen even after conservation. Furthermore, to make it private you also can set a password with pattern or pin.

GbWhatsapp FAQs

gb whatsapp

Is GbWhatsapp Safe?

Many people are using GbWhatsapp and its awesome features for months including me and nobody has faced any problem to date and hope you will also not face any problem.

But is we talk about your questions on safety issue then answer to your question is the same as other modded version of WhatsApp such as FM WhatsApp, Aero Whatsapp and other.

The answer is that the modded versions of any official apps not safe 100%. Sometimes the official app banned the user’s when they are using any modded version.

So, if we talk about the GB WhatsApp then official WhatsApp will ban for a temporary period of time but it doesn’t mean that this application is safe to use. If you are going to download GB Whatsapp or any other modded version of the official app then you must read the app’s pros and cons.


Do we need to root our device to use GbWhatsapp?

No, you can easily use GbWhatsapp without rooting your device.

Does GbWhatsapp need regular updating?

Usually do not need to update it regularly but if you do update it properly it will work amazing on your device.

And we update all the latest versions of GbWhatsapp on our website so do visit us again if you want your GbWhatsapp to work smoothly.

Dual Whatsapp in a single device?

Yup! you can easily use both the version of WhatsApp in a single device so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Why am I not getting the message scheduler option in GB WhatsApp?

If you are using the old version of gbwhatsapp apk then you will not get the message scheduler option so, try the latest version of the app.

How to download GB Whatsapp?

If you want to download WhatsApp GB then follow the steps given above. By following the steps you can easily download the app and enjoy all the amazing features of the app.

Is GB Whatsapp Available?

yes, the app is definitely available for all of you and the best thing about the app is that Whatsapp Gb is free to download and free to use. You don’t need to subscribe to any plan run the app

Can I share The App With My Friends?

Why Not, You can share the app with your friends but before sharing the app you must acknowledge them that this is the mod version and also tell all of them about the app.

Is Gbwhatsapp 6.10 Download Available?

you can easily download the gbwhatsapp 6.10 download by going to the download page and you can also check the different year’s versions like 2019, 2020, 2021 WhatsApp GB, etc.

Gb Whatsapp pro-v9.00 apk downloads free latest version 2021 which is the latest one in the market and has lots of many different and amazing features for the users.

How To Backing Up GBWhatsApp?

You can easily back up GB Whatsapp by following the steps given below:-

  • First you need to open GbWhatsapp Apk and serach for the Setting and then Chat Backup.
  • Then you need to click on  Back-Up to save the copy of your data in your internal storage.


So you must have liked GbWhatsApp advanced form of Regular WhatsApp.

With GbWhatsapp you will also get the same kind of security and plans as you get with your regular WhatsApp.

Also if you want more features you can use WhatsApp plus apk just put the file on your device and enjoy the extra features.

And if you have ever used this application then please do us a favor and comment down below about your own experience so that others also get to know about the advantages of जीबी व्हाट्सएप apk 2019.

Also, share the article with your friends and family so that they can also use more advanced features on their devices.

And in Gb Whatsapp 2021 you will see more awesome features that you haven’t seen before so wait for few days and then download Gb Whatsapp 2021 and enjoy awesome features.

We Do Not Support Any Kind Of Modded Application Neither We Provide the Link To Download Modded Application, We Also Recommend You To Not To Use Modded Version Because They Are Actually Not Legal And Can Put You Behind The Bars If You Find Any Modded Application In Our Website It Is Just For Information.

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