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Game For Peace Apk

Game For Peace Apk Download Latest Version (V8.91)

If you are a online game lover then you must have heard about PUBG mobile made by tencent but there are lot of different versions also available in the market.

And people don’t get confused that’s why they have changed the name of the Chinese version of the application to Game For Peace and you can download Game For Peace Apk which has some more awesome features you would definitely like.

But changing the name of the game has very strong reason and the reason is to Monetize the game in China, now the name of the game suggest anti war, while earlier it shows something related to battle and it honors Chinese Air force.


Overview of Game For Peace Apk

Application NameGame For Peace Apk
Space Requirement1.86 GB
Android RequirementAndroid 4.1 or More
Last Updated21/02/2021
Installation ProcessClick Below For More

Clcik on the above button to download Game For Peace Apk

When you first play the game you can not find any difference in the game but there are some good changes which you will feel when play the full game and here are some that we have experienced.


Game of Peace New Features

There in no blue cirle in the game now instead there is slight of covered area and if you are inside that are a new signal bar will start decreasing and once it reaches zero your adventure also finished.

So it acts as the blue circle but little bit differently and to restart the new bar new need some medicine which you will find all over the map.

And if there are 5 players left a message will come out which says if you want to end the game and if anybody will say yes then he will be taken off the game and the winner will get a cake.


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