How to Solve the Forager Ancient Galaxy Puzzle?

You can easily solve the Forager Ancient Galaxy puzzle to progress in the game. In this guide, we are going to explain how can you solve the Ancient Galaxy Puzzle.

Forager Ancient Galaxy Puzzle Solution

This riddle comprises of 25 Pillars adjusted in a square and gives you four Batteries to control explicit Pillars. There are two difficulties to this riddle: Figuring out which Pillars to control up and sorting out some way to control them up with just four batteries.

You can easily find out which pillars to power. If you will look closely at the tower on the outside then you will find out a pattern at the top.

On the off chance that you haven’t recently understood the appropriate response, the example outwardly of the pinnacle shows you which riddles should be fueled. In opposition to what your instinct may propose, however, the Pillars that need power are in the unfilled situations on the example.

To make the batteries light up more than one Pillar immediately, you need to hit/drag them to be between the two you wish to control. This implies that with just seven Pillars that should be controlled, you can finish this duty with at least three Batteries.

You can see the image and text that show which pillars need to be activated and how you need to position our Batteries to activate them.

Forager Ancient Galaxy
Pillars to Activate in Row 11, 2
Pillars to Activate in Row 22, 3
Pillars to Activate in Row 33
Pillars to Activate in Row 42, 3
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