Encounters Tier List 2022 – Full List

Want to get the latest Encounters Tier List 2022? If yes then you must check out this updated Tier List for Roblox Encounter. It is a fighting game developed by Jack Entertainment. The game is available on the Roblox with a 50 server size.

The game is best on the fighting and offers many fighters. All the fighters have their unique strength some are sure to be stronger than another players. So, here we are going to share Encounters Tier List so, you can learn the fighter ranked from best to the worst. This tier list really very helpful for you to go one step further in the game.

Encounters Tier List 2022

Let’s know the full list:

KusanagiS Tier
PactwoS Tier
HamzaS Tier
CharlemangeA Tier
ConstructA Tier
RyanA Tier
FionaA Tier
RenaB Tier
SethB Tier
DonB Tier
ZhaoB Tier
MaiB Tier
ArashC Tier
WalterC Tier
HanaC Tier
GunsoC Tier
SentheC Tier
PoppyD Tier
AlinaD Tier
AloysiusD Tier

We hope this list will helpful for you. If you have any questions related to the Tier list then comment below. You can also get the latest Encounter Codes and redeem them to get some awesome rewards.

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