Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Greek Pizza

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a popular life simulator adventure game launched by Gameloft. The game is available on various platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5.

The game has lots of engaging activities such as completing quests to progress, crafting some specific items with the help of some resources, hang out with your favourite Disney character. cooking different dishes and a lot more.

To make some specific dish you need to find the required ingredients. Some ingredients can be found very easily but finding others is not an easy task. You can explore the valley and find out all the ingredients.

If you are looking for making some special food like Greek Pizza then here we are going to share an easy-to-understand guide on How to Make Greek Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Greek Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamligh Valley has different recipes to make different foods. You can use this food to sell others to earn some star coins or use it to offer others while completing the quest. You can also consume food to get some energy.

To make any dish in Disney Dreamligh Valley you must know the exact recipe of the dish and also the required ingredients. If you are going to make Greek Pizza then you should have some required ingredients such as 1 Herb, 1 Wheat, 1 Cheese, 1 Tomato and 1 Onion.

Once you get all the required ingredients to make Greek Pizza then move towards the Stove with coal and put all the ingredients in the pot. Wait for a while and enjoy Disney Dreamlight Valley Greek Pizza.

How to get ingredients to make Greek Pizza

You can check out the way mentioned below to get the ingredients easy to make the dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

ItemLocationSell Price
Herb (Ginger)Forgotten Lands100 Star Coins
WheatPeaceful Meadow2 Star Coins
CheeseChez Remy180 Star Coins
Tomato Dazzle Beach22 Star Coins
OnionForest of Valor170 Star Coins

We hope this guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley Greek Pizza was very helpful for you. Don’t forget to check out other guides for the game like How To Make Lancetfish Paella and How To Make Red Fruit Pie In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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