DBZ Legends Tier List | Dragon Ball Legends tier list (May 2022)

Get the most updated DBZ Legends Tier List and redeem the codes for exciting rewards! You can use these rewards to power up your character and go one step further in the game. You need to redeem the working code as soon as possible.

DBZ Legends Tier List 2022

If you want to get Tier List for Dragon Ball Legends and want to get some exciting rewards. You can easily redeem the working code and get its exciting reward. You need to redeem the codes as soon as possible because you will never know when this Tier List will be expired.

Along with this, you need to make sure that you have taken the working code from the list. If you found any expired Codes in the updated list of codes mentioned below so, let us know as soon as possible.

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List

Saiyan TeamS
Future TeamS
Gt TeamS
Sagas From The MoviesS
Son FamilyS
God Ki TeamA
Hybrid Saiyan TeamA
Fusion Warrior TeamA
Regeneration TeamA
Vegeta Family TeamA
Frieza Force TeamB
Powerful Opponent TeamB
Rival UniverseB
Super Saiyan TeamB
Dragon Ball Saga TeamB
Legends Road TeamB
Frieza Saga TeamC
Android TeamC
Universal Survival SagaC
Saiyan Saga TeamC
Lineage Of Evil TeamC
Legends Road Fsk TeamC
Female Warrior TeamD
Ginyu Force TeamD
Super Warrior TeamD

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