Curefit Business Model Everything You Need To Know About

Curefit Business Model

Cureit is synonymous with fitness today. They have changed the Indian health ecosystem by taking them online. Their aim is to make fitness easy and fun as they have great trained trainers and awesome workout classes. Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal started the company in 2016 and within a few years, they reached a great level. The Curefit Business Model is so great because of which they reached this position today.

How did the idea come into mind?

Founders of Curefit Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal both were employees of Flipkart earlier. Also, Mukesh was into fitness for some time. And they want to do something in the field of fitness as there are no proper technology-based fitness companies.

Physical fitness is not the only thing because of which you can call a person a total fit he should also be mentally fit. So they started EatFit, Mind Fit, and CultFit where they give proper solutions to make you fit in all the different parameters.

When they did the research they got to know that first health and fitness have huge future growth potential and second be developed, developing or under developing nation health diseases are huge problems.

What to eat, how to eat, what to do all these things are very important for every person if they want to be fit.

Also if you see most of the people do not have their medical records with them as they are not digitized but they are very important to evaluate the things in the future.

So these all things made them start something in the sector of health and fitness industry.

Curefit Business Model

What Problems Are They Solving?

Lack Of Time

As most of the people, these days have a lack of time because of their jobs and other stuff and that’s why they can not give proper time to their health.

So you can also do your workout from your home and make your health better without complaining about the lack of time.

Everything at one point

People have many different problems related to health and for every second problem they have to consult different people.

But with the help of their digital platform, they have integrated everything in one place so now any problem related to health you can contact Curefit.

Professional trainers

Be it about mental trainers, be it physical trainers or be it about nutritional trainers you will only get properly trained trainers.

Integrated Approach

In India most of the people try to diagnose themself at the starting point of any disease, they don’t want to go to trained people at the starting point.

And also if they move to them their first aim is to simply cure that particular disease but not the long term cure.

So they provide integrated solutions for the long term as they have digitized reports which anyone can access anytime and that will help them to measure the things.

Curefit products/services

With they deliver very healthy and tasty foods to its subscribers. The food processing system is also integrated with a machine that predicts how much nutritions should be there.

Hygiene is also a very important factor in which they give great importance so that subscribers always get hygienic foods every time.

If you are vegan they also provide vegan-friendly food so choose the meal which will best suit you.

So you can simply order the food from their application or from their website and if you want to give the feedback on their platform you can simply do that.


The stress of the people keeps on increasing because of their daily routine where they don’t have the proper time to keep themself mentally fit.

Those hectic jobs and those lengthy assignments always give you tension as they are important to become successful.

And to keep yourself mentally fit you need to have a quiet and silent place where you can give yourself peace.

Yoga is such a great thing that can keep you healthy physically and mentally both without lifting heavyweights.

If you want to maintain the balance of your life yoga is the solution where you can improve your lifestyle with simple yoga exercises.

Under their section they provide a high tech gym where you will get more than traditional gym equipment.

There you can maintain a healthy life while having fun and can also learn some new formats to reach your fitness goal.

Also when you do your workout in the groups it is a great source of motivation for you so that you don’t get demotivated.

You can also opt for Zumba classes if you do not want to do the lifting and running which is a traditional method.

They also have many free sessions uploaded on their website which you can simply use to get fit for free from your own home.

How Technology Is Helping Changing The Health and Fitness Sector

One of the main reasons they have started Curefit is that it is very little or no one in this sector who is using technology to change the sector.

Earlier people had to move to the gym to do their daily workout which now they can do from their homes.

When you take your meal it is very important that you should have proper nutrition in your diet.

Which Curefit does with the help of technology and changing the lives of people by providing very healthy and hygienic food.

They also bring fitness icons in their platform to teach and motivate their subscribers so that they do more hard work to achieve their goal.

It is almost impossible for normal people to get trained and motivated from fitness icons whom they follow.

They also digitized the reports which one can access easily which was a great move as your trainer can also take the help of that report to prepare future goals.

So Curefit used technology in a great way so that they can change the lifestyle of people who want to be healthy but have many different problems.

Experiment Lover

If you are running a technologically based startup and you do not welcome experiments you can not grow to the next level.

And Curefit always welcomes experiments and that’s why they grow at a very rapid pace and reach the level where they are today.

Also, they have a great team and most of the people there have earlier worked with top industry giants like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more who have great experience to make work done in a great manner.

Curefit Funding, Acquisition, and Competitors

The Curefit Business Model is so great that they have raised some great fundings and now they have raised about $294.5 million.

They have also acquired some different startups which help them grow in their category and those are a1000 yoga, Tribe Fitness, Kristy’s Kitchen, and Serenity.

And in every category competitors are very important because companies always want to provide a great product and service otherwise their customers can switch to their competitors.

And Curefit also has some competitors like Fitcircle, Purple Basil, HealthifyMe, Growfit, and many other ones.


So this is all about the Curefit business model as to how the idea came to their mind and how they grow their startup to the next level. So do let us know about the experience if you had ever used their product/services. And feel free to ask any question about the Curefit business model in the comment section.

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