Byju business model – World’s No. One Learning App

Let’s discuss and analysis, in depth about the byju business model.

BYJU’S The Learning App is the world’s number one valuable EdTech Startup.

As we know today we can see thousands of educational learning app, website, youtube channels are running but Why Byju’s is a fast educational learning app?

So in this case study, we will discuss alfa to omega of the byju business model in very simple words. 

Overview Of Byju’s 

Byju’s is the world’s most valuable ed-tech company and Indi’s 3rd most valuable startup.

India’s most loved tutoring app offers k-12 highly personalised and most engaging e-learning programs with the help of Byju’s learning app. 

They also provide effective learning programs with the help of engaging video for competitive exams such as JEE, CAT, IAS, NEET, BANK PO etc.

Their engaging video always focuses on learning doesn’t for passing any exam.

 With a total number of 50 million registered students and 3.5 million paid subscribers as of May 2020. Byju’s has become one of the most lovable education platforms not in India but also in the world. 

Founder of Byju’s Byju Raveendran 

byju business model
BYJU’S FOUNDER: Byju Raveendran

First Discuss Byju’s Founder Mr Byju Raveendran. Yes, Byju is the name of Byju’s app founder. Byju Raveendran belongs to a small coastal village Azhikode, Kerala. 

He completed his schooling from a local school of Azhikode, Kerala.

Byju’s Parents was a teacher but Byju Raveendra used to play 6-7 sports.

He also used to represent his school and colleges in 2-3 sports.

That’s the reason he had to miss his class and had to do self-study. 

He always like science and maths from his school days because he says he loves logic, basics and concepts etc. Ravendra says he learned English with the help of sports commentary. 

He says sports make him perfect and helps to achieve Byju’s success.

All the tactics of sports he learned from sports he applied in his business such as How to lead a team?

How to perform in pressure condition? and with the help of table tennis, he learned how to control aggression and many more.  

Byju Raveendran completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from a government engineering college in Kannur Kerala.

After completing B.Tech he got a job in a multi-national shipping firm as a service engineer.

He is earning enough here but you are thinking why did Byju Raveendran start Byju.  

How Byju’s Started?

when Byju was working in a shipping firm, once upon a time he was staying with one of his friend in Banglore during a holiday.

Byju friend was preparing for CAT (Common Admission Test) exam.

 His friend knows the Byju was a bright student in school and college then he asked to Byju to help him in preparing CAT examination.

Byju was a brilliant student in mathematics. He started to teach his friend. Byju also attempts the CAT exam along with his friend. 

You will not belive that Byju got 100 percentile in the examination and his friend also cleared the CAT exam with good percentile.

later Byju gets a call from IIM but he rejects and preferred his job.

After doing the job for sometimes in shipping company once again another friend comes to him and say to help him in CAT exam preparation. 

Once again Byju helped his friend, give the exam along with that friend, gets 100 percentile and again his friend gets good marks in CAT examination. 

This time Byju gets famous as he has cleared twice the Toughest examination and gets 100 percentile. So, all his friends and neighbour comes to him and request to teach them for CAT exam preparation.

Byju entered in the teaching field and the number of students was growing day by day.

Firstly he started to teach student from the terrace of his friend then he moved his classes from terrace to classroom and a day was also coming to move his class to an auditorium. 

His teaching method is becoming popular day by day and there was a time come he was teaching a class of around 20,000 student across different states of India such as Delhi, Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. 

First Lecturer Recording

Byju started recording his lecturer in 2009 and made available for his student across 45 cities of India. 

Finally, in 2010, a few students who had just pass out from India’s prestigious college IIM’s, Meet with Byju Raveendran and suggested him to expand an idea of taking Byju class into the next level. 

And they all had decided to bring Byju classes online and offer his excellent teaching method to millions of students. 

After that, they started a company ‘Think & Learn’ in 2011 and their aims to the student should have practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge

In 2015, they launched Byju’s The learning app and a website. 

2015 was also a booming period for smartphone and internet so, Byju frequently gained popularity in e-learning.

Parent’s and the student have seen that it is a new idea of teaching and their teaching method with the help of practical example was awesome at the time they launched their app and website.

Initially, they were providing some free videos on every subject and if someone like and wants to see all videos they would have to subscribe to the full course.

The app was downloaded by more than 2 million people in just 3 months since its launch in 2015 and in 2016 Byju’s app was the best self-improvement app at google play India rating.

You can’t believe that just after 1 month from the launch of their app they have given commercial ads on TV, It is called aggressive marketing.

This shows you don’t have to wait but act instantly to achieve opportunity.

The byju business model for hiring an intern.

They hire around 400-500 persons from the big colleges and tell them we will select around 300 peoples for our company .

Byju’s pay them around 25,000 as a stipend and they select them as per the target or task was given to them and offer a job letter to selected candidates also.

Some facts and figure Byju’s The Learning App

Byju’s awarded as a fastest growing tech companies in India Under Deloitte Technology fast 50 India in October 2012.

They are getting 19% of the growth every year.

In the year of 2017 byju business model became a case study in Harvard Business School

Byju’s launched Byju’s math application in 2017 for kids and They connect Byju’s parent app to monitor their child’s learning.

The average retention time of student on their app is around 40 minutes that is excellent.

In 2018 They have 15 million users with around 9,00,000 paid users.

On 15 September 2017, Byju’s Founder Byju Raveendran has featured on the cover page of India’s prestigious magazine Forbes India.

Do you know? Byju’s- The Learning App is the official sponsor of Indian Cricket Team Jersey since July 2019.

Byju Raveendra also awarded the Entrepreneur of the year award on 14 February 2019 by the Ernst & Young.

Byju business model

byju business model

Firstly, they take all personal details from students and give a free trial for the 15 days to try Byju’s services.

After the 15 days trial end and if the users have subscribed their desired course then they get access for more and advance level course design by Byju’s.

Stage No. 1: Byju’s Motivate the student to attend the courses they have enrolled in.

Stage No. 2: They give multiple tests between the courses and take personalised feedback.

Stage No. 3: In a few cities, they are conducting classroom sessions by IIT/IIM graduates.

Stage No. 4: They always help to clear doubts and one-to-one monitoring by an expert.

Stage No. 5: Byju’s give real-time feedback to student parents with the help of the parent app.

Stage No. 6: As we know revision is very necessary so after completion of all stage Byju’s provide complete revision of the whole content to gain a better understanding.

Why Byju Business Model Is Different From The Rest?

As we all know that personal interaction is very necessary if we are talking about education.

Second thing is that Byju’s focus on practical knowledge with the help of animated videos and their concept always related to the practical example of daily life.

They always give personal monitoring to their student and connect their learning with Byju’s Parents app that is also advantages for Byju’s to gain the trust of their parents. 

They also provide free counselling session at the doorstep that helps student and parents to enrol in Byju’s courses.

Acquisitions By Byju’s

In the year of 2017, They acquired TutorVista.

In January 2019, A US-based Osmo company maker of educational games for children acquired by Byju’s.

Funding and revenue of  Byju’s

In 2013, Byju’s received seed funding from Aarina capital.

Byju’s is the first startup of Asia to receive an investment from Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative that is co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. 

It entered in the unicorn club in march 2018 and is valued at $1 billion dollars.

They has received around $785 million of funding from its investors as of 2019.

As we discuss above Byju’s operate its business on a premium or paid subscription. 

In the financial year of 2017, Byju’s gained revenue around Rs.260 crore and you can not believe in the financial year of 2018 it was a double revenue generated by Byju’s and that was Rs.520 crore.

Byju’s has claimed on 27 May 2020 that they have generated Rs.2,800 cr revenue in FY 20. If we talk about the previous fiscal year then they had clocked Rs. 1,306 crore in operational revenue.

Ongoing coronavirus lockdown byju business model once again came in highlight to add 13.5 million of new users.

Byju’s has gained standalone Rs. 20.16 crore profit in FY19. The profitability and expenditure of the financial year 2020 are not revealed until now.

Meanwhile, Byju’s is trying to raise $400 million of funding from ongoing round and if the deals grow through then Byju’s will have become after the 3rd firm to enter in the Decacorn club before this Paytm and Oyo entered in this club.

List of Byju’s Investor 

Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative 

Sequoia Capital India




Nasper Ventures

CPP Investment Board

General Atlantic

Tiger Global 

QIA Authority

Owl Ventures 

Light Speed Partners 

Times Internet 

Aarina Capital

International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

BYJUS App’s Benefit To Student

As we discussed above this application is the world’s best educational application. Here we are going to tell you about byjus teaching techniques or it’s a benefit to the student that includes in byjus business model.

  1. The teaching method is very interesting and engaging for students. Because they clear the concept with the help of visualizing that help to better understanding.

2. Byjus provide knowledge graph that based on their speed and learning.

3. Each chapter includes an adaptive question and syllabus.

4. This learning app provides unlimited practice that helps to clear their concepts.

5. Interesting and engaging questions that always increase student curiosity.

Thanks for reading our case study on a byju business model. If you have any question then ask us on the comment section. Thanks for visiting gbapps.

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