Borderlands 3 Amara Heads List – Get The Full List Here

Here in this Borderlands 3 Amara Heads List we have featured all the different cosmetics that can be earned, found, or can purchase within the game. You can also find a few options to choose from and also as time will go more options will be added to the game. And these cosmetics will not be going to help you in any manner to win the game they are only cosmetics to make your character look awesome.

Borderlands 3 Amara Heads List

Below I have mentioned the different head lists which you can find and purchase within the game currently. Right now there are 24 heads are there which you can access for all the classes.

There are many different which are available for all the classes or also there are some which are only available to few. And as soon as new heads will be available we will update this article so make sure to bookmark this article on your device and visit us again.

Brick Top

These heads can be purchased via VIP program and also currently only one is available for you but you can gain the points pretty easily.

Amara Missions or World/Monster/Slots Heads

You can earn these heads by playing various missions within the game, if you want to simply collect all the cosmetics then you need to complete as many as story missions and side-quests. Also, some of the heads are dropped from the enemies.

Crazy Earl Eridium Heads for Amara

All these heads are available to but with the help of Eridium Shards or Crazy Earl on Sanctuary.

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