Best Travel Apps That Every Traveler Must Have

Best Travel Apps

There are people in the world who are just crazy about travelling.

Sometimes they just did not plan anything and went out for a trip.

And if you are an enthusiastic traveler then you know this that traveling is not about planning each and everything.

And also these days the internet makes travelling so easy so that you do not have to worry about anything.

All you need is a smartphone, internet, and best travel apps that will help you with your whole trip.

With these three things, you can do almost all the things while travelling to any place so here I am mentioning the best travel apps that you can use for your different needs while travelling and if you have used these apps before for travelling do share your experience with us about the application.


Whenever you travel to any place you need to stay somewhere which is one of the most important things so that you can enjoy your trip properly.

Many hostels do show us good and neat rooms, clean washrooms, AC, Tv’s, good Breakfast and many other things but very few hotels fulfill these things.

But OYO founded by Ritesh Agarwal fulfills all the things that show or promise to provide, also they provide very affordable hotels so that your pocket will also not get hit because of all these things.

They also allow you for pre-booking which means you don’t have to roam here and there after reaching your destination for a roof on your head.

So OYO application is one of the best travel apps which lets travelers pre book awesome hotels with very good services and reduce a huge tension from our head.

But OYO is in little trouble right now but I can tell you that they will overcome this, Ritesh is a man who managed to build such a huge chain of hotels will also overcome all the problems and again he will make his customers and staff happy.


You must have heard about MakeMyTrip or you may have seen Alia bhat and ranveer singh promoting MakeMyTrip.

This is an online Indian Travelling Company which provides you almost everything for your tour and trip.

If you want everything to be planned then MakeMyTrip is the best platform for you.

Initially they have first launched MakeMyTrip in US for Indian origin people to solve their travelling needs from US to India and they were quite successful out there and then in the year 2005 they started their operation in India.

In the year 2011, they have created their mobile application which allows their users to choose their packages according to their use and they made everything so easy for their customer that now have to worry about anything.

Nnow they provide almost everything like Bus Booking, Hotel Booking, Flight Booking and many other important parts of travelling.

If you have used MakeMyTrip services then do share with our audience so that everyone can know about their services.


For most of us, Travelling budget is the thing that we all think about a lot and we always think about how we can save our hard earned money.

And technology has also solved this problem by comparing the price of different hotels.

They also let you know about the services the hotels provide and many other things you can compare for better services at a low cost.

And if we talk about their revenue model they primarily make money from advertising partners like they charge from their advertisers for the rankings.

They also claim to be the biggest online search engine for comparing the prices of different hotels where they compare more than 1 million hotels and more than 250 booking sites.

Google Maps

This one will already be there in your smartphone and not only for traveling. This one even helps us sometimes in our own city to some particular place.

With Google Maps you can find almost each and every place where you want to reach.

They also tell you the shortest path for your destination which is again a great thing that can save you from traveling for long hours.

And one great use of this app is that no one can fraud you, like many times when we do not know the path many taxi drivers take the long route so that they can earn more but with Google Maps we can see all the path and so we decide the route that is the shortest.

This is not one more advantage that Google Maps gives us is that they also tell us about the amount of traffic if a particular route is overcrowded and you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic. You can simply choose the route with less traffic.

So Google Maps is actually a time and life savior for travelers and also it is completely free for you.


Launched in the year 2000 by Stephen Kaufer Tripadvisor is an online travel company that provides you all the related information regarding your trip. 

You can find many important things in their app like affordable hotels, lost cost flights, great places, and many more.

They have more than 100 million downloads of their application in play stores and they provide their online service completely free to its users.

They also provide an interactive travel forum where you can ask for your queries and you will be answered there.


A subsidiary of goibibo group RedBus is an online bus ticket booking platform and one of the best travel apps they provide this service to its users with the help of their website and mobile application which you can download from Google play store and for apple users you can download from Apple app store.

You can connect with almost 2500 bus operators to book your bus ticket. And while going anywhere this one is very time consuming and tedious work as we have to go to the bus depot and then wait in a long queue and then we have to wait for the departure.

And if sometimes we don’t even get the bus as we do not have proper information about the departure of the bus.

So Rebus has solved this great problem and now we can easily book our Bus tickets and we get all the information on our phones.


Founded in the year 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk Airbnb is an online marketplace that helps you book your lodging, homestay, and tourism experience.

They don’t even have a single property as their own; they work as a broker for every booking they charge for the transaction.

If you want to experience a home-like stay on your trip you can book homes with Airbnb homeowners and list their homes when they are out of the station and you can use them for your stay and they get paid while on vacation.

But you have to maintain proper review means you have to take good care of the house otherwise you will not be allowed to stay in a good home from next time.

They have many different products on their platform which you can check and book according to your needs and budget.

So these are the best travel apps which can be a great help while traveling to any place and if you find it helpful to share with your friends so that you can help them somehow.

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