Best free educational apps for students

Best Free Educational Apps

If you want to know about the best free educational apps for students read the full article.

Earlier we considered smartphones as a great distraction for anyone who wants to concentrate on some serious activity but smartphones are a top distraction for students.

Our parents always used to tell us to keep your phone aside while studying but most of the students got distracted.

But as app developments grew and many different kinds of apps started coming into the picture so many different free educational apps also started changing the lives of students.

There are many different advantages of the apps like one can study the topics whenever they want, also if they did not understand at once they can again see the topic till they understand the topic clearly.

Now smartphones are not a distraction material rather they are very helpful for students.

But every pro comes with some cons and here the con is you can not ask someone immediately and you have to wait till the live sessions or someone who can make you understand.

But still, if you are on a vacation and you want to study in your free time these apps are very helpful so here we are mentioning some of the best free educational apps which can be a great help for you.

Best Free Educational Apps

Khan Academy

Started in the year 2008 by Salman khan, Khan academy is one of the best free educational apps where you can learn the things even in your own language.

All the classes are in the video format and they teach in a virtual blackboard where you can learn the things with the help of virtual images and the narrator will describe all the things in the tutorial.

And they are really doing great by providing free online tutorials to all the needy students.

Even Bill Gates’ foundation was helping the khan academy by giving them financial help.

And they are setting the example of using the internet to bring a great change into society by helping those who can not invest huge amounts of money. 

And they also claim that they have delivered about 132,909,653 lessons in about 5,000 subjects.

So if you want to learn online go and check their website and also do let us know about your experience with khan academy.


Founded in the year 2012 by Anant Agarwal edX provides different university-level courses that many students want to learn but are not able to get there.

Also, they are doing great as till 2018 more than 18 million students have taken their courses which is more than 2200.

If you talk about their functionality they provide weekly learning sequences, where you will get short videos with interactive learning exercises. 

They are actually very interactive that they provide online video tutorials which like a discussion where students can even ask for different queries.

They also provide you certificates when you successfully complete the course.

So with edX, you will get everything that you want to learn and even from the top universities and with great features like online tutorials, quizzes, and study material.


Founded in the year 2010 by Greg Detre, Ed Cooke, And Ben Whately Memrise is a learning app where you can learn different languages. This app doesn’t tell you to mug up the things rather it will teach you the things in an enjoyable and effective manner.

Let’s see what makes them different from others. First, they provide you real-life rich content, if you go for some textbook a big thing that they miss is real-life experience, they can not provide you real-life experience and Memrise main focus is to provide real-life experience to their students. They have teachers onboard who love to teach you the things which they use in their daily life.

They just don’t make you learn all the words which is quite boring for everyone and it makes the learning process slow and boring so with the help of technology they made the process interesting so that you won’t give up the learning.

So if you want to learn a new language Memrise is a great platform just try to share the experience with others.


Did that ever happen to you that you want to learn something but you are not able to find the best place or person to learn from? Udemy is that place where you will get to learn each and everything even from the experts.

Founded by Gregg Coccari in the year 2009 Udemy is an online learning platform that has more than 50 million users with more than 57,000 instructors and more than 295 million course enrollments.

So you can learn anything from Udemy as there are many different courses according to your needs. Even fortune 500 companies are using Udemy to upskill their employees so that you can think about the genuineness of their product.

And also if you have expertise in a particular field you can help others by making free courses for the needy people.

As today all the courses are very expensive to learn from institutes and if you provide those courses for free or even for a little amount which everyone can afford easily it will be a great help for everyone.

And the best thing about Udemy is that most of the classes they provide are in the practical subjects which can help you get a job in your particular field.

And also if you have used then it will be a great help for others if you share your experience with all our users.


Do you know a huge number of students have maths phobia and they even think that they can not solve maths no matter how much they tried even I had little maths phobia but now Photomath will solve all your problems?

If you ever come across a question that you are not able to solve you can simply take a photo with Photomath and the app will solve the question for you step by step and also they will provide you the explanation with different methods.

Also without any internet, you can access this app which is a great feature as many times we do not have the internet but need to do our work.


Developed by Refsnes Data is another on of the best free educational apps.

W3schools was launched in the year 1998 that means the website is not much younger than Google itself. This one is the biggest online web developer site on the Internet.

If you want to learn any kind of coding this is the best website and mobile application available and they do charge you a single penny for the materials.

And the best part about the W3schools that you can practice on their platform that you have learned from there.

And more than 50 million students per month learn coding from W3schools and are doing great in their careers.


Founded in the year 2011 by Vamsi Krishna, Pilkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, and Anand Prakash Vedantu are an online learning platform based in Bangalore and the name of the company Vedanta is derived from Sanskrit word Veda which means knowledge and tantu which means networks so if you combine the word it means a network of knowing what they are doing spreading the knowledge in their network.

Vedantu provides online live classes to the students of different classes by experts and also they provide many different classes like they also provide french classes.

And also in their platform students can choose the teacher from which teacher they want to learn the things.


Why do most of the students want to learn because they find it boring but what will happen if we make the learning fun? Then students will not run away from studies and this is exactly what Kahoot did.

It will allow you to create, share and play learning games and also quizzes with your friends and family and when you learn the things with fun then you understand the things better.

You can simply create fun learning games within minutes and you can decide the format and numbers of questions.


Now if you have a smartphone this app will be definitely there in your smartphone and you must have used this app. But do know this is also an awesome free learning app, you can learn almost everything from this application.

All you need is the dedication to learn from YouTube so don’t need much information about this as most of people have proper information about this app.

Just go to the search bar and there is nothing that you can not find on YouTube to learn.


Ya many people don’t know as Wikipedia’s website is much famous but you can also use Wikipedia’s application to learning many things.

Wikipedia provides the most in-depth content about everything so you can learn the things in so much in-depth with the help of Wikipedia.

And also you know the authenticity of Wikipedia so every there is genuine on which you can trust so downloads the application today start learning the things.

So these all are among the best free educational apps which are very helpful to learn things for completely free so download today and also do not forget to share the experience with us which will be a great help for our visitor

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