Best Entertainment Apps Of 2020

Best Entertainment Apps Of 2020

We all are in our homes for a long time and we all know the reason which is Coronavirus and because of that we also suggest to maintain social distancing.

But we always need something to keep us entertained and technology did a great thing here by providing us with some great mobile applications which can entertain us greatly.

Maybe some of you already know some of these resources but there are also many other people who definitely want some entertainment but don’t have proper ideas which will be the best suited for them.

So here I am mentioning some of the best entertainment apps of 2020 where you will love to spend your time.

Amazon Prime Videos

It is a product of Amazon where there are some great web series and movies which you will definitely love to see.

As you must have an idea that Amazon was started as a bookselling platform but with time they have spread their hands in all the different businesses and from their E-commerce store you can order almost everything you want and for Amazon Prime members there are huge benefits with Amazon E-commerce store.

Amazon produces some great content of its own and also because of the low price they are doing great with their targeted audience and market.


Amid this worldwide lockdown, Netflix is acting like enjoyment medicine and helping people to spend their time.

It is a streaming service where you will get to see many different TV shows, movies, and many web series.

They provide unlimited ad-free content and their contents are always awesome and most of you have already heard about Netflix but many of you haven’t used Netflix.

But they provide you a 30 days free trial where you can use all of their services and if you liked their service you opt for one.

They also provide you 4 different plans which are mobile, basic, standard and premium.

Jio TV

Are you stuck somewhere where you are not able to see your favorite TV shows and you can use Jio TV where you will get to see all of your TV shows?

But for that, you need to have an active Jio sim card as you need to register with your JIO number to use their free services.

You can also see the live TV shows with the help of JIO TV and if you see there are more than 100 million downloads in the play store.

And in the coming days, I hope you can see something more as JIO and Facebook are collaborating with each other and this collaboration can bring something great to the audience.

Tik – Tok

It is the holding company of byte dance which let’s its users create small entertaining videos.

It lets you do the lip sync on many different songs and also lets you make the video at the same time.

If you like you can make your own Tik Tok video which can be a good timepass for you and also you can follow your favorite creator who makes good entertaining videos.

Unlike YouTube, they do not let their users monetize their content but creators can simply earn from promoting different products.

And also it became so famous that you can find many celebrities within their platform entertaining their audience.


Do you love to play quizzes? If your general knowledge is very good then there is a great platform where you can play and win Paytm cash.

LOCO is a quiz game where they ask you different questions and if you are able to give the right answers more than others you can win Paytm cash.

And by playing LOCO you can also increase your general knowledge and spend your time effectively.


No one can beat this, YouTube is one of the most popular mobile applications in the world and there you can see content from many different countries and in many different languages.

You can entertain yourself, educate yourself and learn many different things with the help of YouTube.

Today YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it processes almost about 3 million searches per month.

And the most important thing about youtube it let you earn huge and today there are many millionaires you are millionaire just because of YouTube.

You can run the Google ads on your YouTube channel and can also promote the products of many different companies who pay you a huge amount if you have a huge and engaging audience base.


It provides OTT streaming services to the Indian audiences, you can see many different TV shows, movies from different categories, and also sports.

It has more than 300 million active users which make HotStar one of the top players in the OTT segment.

There is also a free service but there you can only enjoy a small amount of content and if you want to avail the full service you need to buy a paid service and two different services where you can opt for national and international content.

Now they have also collaborated with Disney so now you can also enjoy much other content for Disney also.

So if you don’t want to spend money you can choose the free version but if you pay for the subscription it will be worth it for you.

YouTube Kids

Do you want your kids to watch those videos which have some inappropriate scenes which are not good for children obviously not and not even YouTube.

And that’s why they have created a totally different platform for kids where you can select what your kids should watch or what they should not?

They have first launched the app in the year 2015 for the android and IOs platform and till now it is available in more than 69 countries.

And it also claimed that it would take very strict action against the videos which were reported by the community and also not allow them to run on YouTube Kids.

You will get to see different categories in the YouTube Kids app which are Shows, Music, Recommended, and learning.

This app gives great control to parents like parents can set a time limit for how much time their children should watch the app, and can restrict their child not to use the search bar.

Because of the concern expressed by Campaign for a commercial-free childhood and Center for digital democracy they had a feature on their app which separate the ads and the content.


Last but not least Instagram is a social media platform available in the Google play store where you can share your images and videos and can see the images and videos shared by others.

This platform is acquired by Facebook which is already a social media platform but seeing the situational demand they bought the company.

It also allows you to run advertisements on their app and most of the work on Instagram can be handled by Mobile application.

And this is one of the best platforms to share your memories with your friends and family and also save it for future use.

So these are some of the best entertainment applications which can help you come out of that boring life in this lockdown period and hope you will enjoy these platforms and do comment below your experience in the comment section.

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