Avg Cleaner Pro Apk V5.1.4 For Android

Many times you must have felt your phone started working slow after a few months when you have purchased. There are many reasons behind this but one of the top reasons is many junk files that sucks your RAM and your device started working slow and that when you need the Avg Cleaner Pro Apk the most.

You can find many different applications on Google play store that cleans your phone but most of them actually steal your data to provide this free service to you and at the same time you can Avg Cleaner Pro Apk gives you great service and do not compromise with you data so security and privacy both the things are good with this application.

So later in this article, we will see the amazing features of the application but before that let’s see a small technical overview of the application.

Avg Cleaner Pro Apk Technical Overview

Application NameAvg Cleaner Pro Apk
Application Size14.05 MB
OS RequirementAndroid 4.2 Plus
Updated Date18/10/2021
Official WebsiteAVG Cleaner

Features of Avg Cleaner

The application provides some awesome features which will help you to make your phone much faster and secure so let’s all of them here.

Avg Cleaner Pro Apk
  1. Media Cleaner – Many times a file, image, or video saved for 2 or more times which consumes unnecessary storage which ultimately slows down our phone so Avg Cleaner Pro Apk cleans up those files and makes your phone much faster.

2. Battery Optimization – Due to unnecessary usage of files or applications on your phone the battery of your phone drains so quickly so when you use Avg Cleaner Pro Apk it manages all the files and applications in such a manner that it increases the life of the battery.

Avg Cleaner Pro Apk

3. Scan Your Phone – All you need is a single scan of your device and it will tell you all the possible changes that you can make to make your device lighter and faster so try it now.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK?

AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK is a modified version of the official version that gives you some similar feature like the original.

Should We Use AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK?

No, you should not download any mod version like this and install in your device. This types of modified application are harmful to your device. So, always keep this thing in your mind before downloading any application from unknown sources.

Is Any In-App Purchase Available In AVG Cleaner Pro App?

Yes, in-app purchase is available in the application. You can purchase any items if you need

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